Hartford Square Taper

4" x 3" Part #4084.5 Hartford Square Taper
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Half Legs must be ordered in multiples of 2
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Hartford Square Taper
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All wood components are unfinished.

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One of the earliest legs was the monolithic square. In ancient times this could have been a piece of wood used to elevate a piece of furniture slightly. It was made of natural components, either stone or wood. Its use was varied. One ancestral family may have used it to raise a piece of crudely fashioned furniture to a greater height. One family might have used it to raise a piece above a dirt floor that was prone to dampness. Whatever the ancient reason, in modern times we have grown accustomed to these small feet which add so much to our decor. At Osborne Wood Products, we have taken the most ancient of necessities, the tapered foot, and made it into a true art form.