Egg Round Bun Foot

4" x 3⅜" Part #4125.75 Egg Round Bun Foot
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Egg  Round Bun Foot
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We all know the classic debate of which came first when talking about the egg. Well, in the case of bun feet there is no question. It was not the egg, and to my knowledge, there isn't a chicken bun foot (hmmm, maybe we should create one). Anyway, the little Non Fluted Bun Foot was first on the scene. But, cracking its way into bun foot lore very soon thereafter was the Egg Bun Foot. One of the oldest items of shape on Earth is the egg and designers were quick to place it within the family of Bun Feet. Today's Egg Bun Foot remains virtually unchanged. The pure egg design is still one of the top sellers. It may not have been first, but it makes up for it in style and familiarity.