Custom Quote on Wood Turnings

Custom Quote

If you can't find what you are looking for in our wide selection of stock items, we can work with you to fabricate the exact item you are looking for.

Please fill out the form below to get started. If you are having trouble filling out this form please give our offices a call at 800-849-8876 for assistance.

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Product Information

No Minimum order
Maximum height: 115"
Maximum width: 9" or 13" if the whole piece is round
The minimum diameter of the turning (if known)
If based on a Stock Item, where/how do you want the height adjusted?
(Top Square is most cost effective)

Wood Type

if other:


If Customer supplied, need to know if customer wants knots, holes, and cracks puttied.
There will be an upcharge for this.
Product cannot have any metal pieces or stone.
Customer is responsible for any damage to manufacturing equipment caused by their wood.
Custom Millwork


Diagonal Half

Rectangular Half

Quarter Notched

Varied Height Notch

Please record dimensions in the description
if you want the millwork to stop at a certain point on the piece.

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