Metal Feet Introduction Sale

Flat Black Finish

For a project requiring a sleek contemporary look the Flat Black Metal Vanity Feet are the perfect addition to the design. The matte finish of the black combined with the simple design of the foot creates a modern, visually appealing focal point for the space. Add Metal Feet to furniture, cabinetry, ottomans, and more! Browse the Full Collection of Metal Fusion Feet Here.

Du Pont Vanity Leg
Part #4913BL
Madison Vanity Foot
3" - Part #4914BL - $14.99/Piece
4" - Part #4915BL - $19.99/Piece

Sphere Vanity Foot
3" - Part #4916BL - $14.99/Piece
4" - Part #4917BL - $14.99/Piece

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Bronze Finished Corbel

Only $19.99ea

Made from a high-density resin with an embeded metal support, the Classic Corbel exhibits the scroll like design of our wooden Classic Corbel Collection. The classic design is perfect for a modern, metallic application. Keyhole slots are milled in the back of every corbel for easy installation hanging.

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The Old World Double Pedestal

(Part 1169)

This double pedestal kit uses handcrafted components to create a rustic old world style. The components include a pair of The Transitional Table Pedestals (part 1173) along with four Transitional Pedestal Feet (part 1174); these components are joined with a simple stretcher board. The Old World Double Pedestal Kit also provides ample support and strength for most any table.