10 Small DIY Luxury Upgrades to Elevate Any Space in Your Home

It’s easy to add a luxury touch to the main rooms in your home, like the dining room, living room, or kitchen, but what about the laundry room or the closet? You don’t need to fully renovate these usually forgotten rooms and spaces to get a luxe feel. Instead, consider upgrading smaller details, things you may not normally think about but that can make a big impact. Here are 10 ideas for adding some DIY luxury upgrades to any room in your home.

1) Embellish with Onlays & Corbels

One easy and quick way to add a luxury element to your furniture is to add onlays or other embellishments. This can be done a number of ways with a variety of products. You may have seen Amy’s beautiful kitchen island or vanity DIYs on her blog, Maison de Mings. In both builds, she used our Petite Acanthus Leaf Corbels (part #892020) and St. Simons Fluted Kitchen Island Posts (part #1468) to easily add visual interest to her projects. The fluted and turned details on the legs combined with the delicate acanthus leaves on these little corbels makes for a luxury look that is easily doable for any DIYer.

With our expansive selection of onlays and corbels plus table and island legs, there are endless possibilities for this beautiful trend.

2) Add Open Shelving

Another easy trend that you can add to any room is open shelving. Just adding one or two shelves can really open up a space and provide some easily accessible storage. This can work especially well in smaller rooms like a laundry room where you need to store detergent or other necessities but you either don’t want or don’t have the room for a fully enclosed cabinet.

When it comes to open shelving, there are two great options: shelves with corbels for support or floating shelves with no visible support. Either one can really elevate a small space and give it a more luxurious feel. It just depends on the style you have in your home and how you want to incorporate the shelving. Check out our video below on our DIY floating shelf kit.

3) Replace Stock Furniture Feet

Sometimes when you find that perfect chair, sofa, or other piece of furniture, everything looks great except for the feet. Maybe they’re not your style, maybe they’re damaged, one may even be missing. Changing the furniture feet is an easy upgrade that can give your home a more luxurious and customized feel. At Osborne, we carry almost 150 different styles of furniture feet in a number of different wood types as well as acrylic and metal designs. Our feet can range from more traditional Queen Anne or ball and claw designs to modern round balls or round tapered feet.

Replacing these can be incredibly easy, too! The majority of our wood furniture feet will not have any holes or hardware in them so you won’t have to worry about making sure a bolt matches or holes line up. That said, if you need hardware installed, we can do that too! Just give us a call and we’ll add the installation service to your order.

4) Add Chair Rail, Wainscotting, or Trim

Updating your walls doesn’t have to mean an expensive new paint job or messy wallpaper installation. It can be really easy to add some chair rail, wainscoting, or other types of trim to your walls. One popular option is to add board and batten to your walls, which can add some much needed dimension whether they’re painted to match your wall or painted a contrasting color to stand out. Other places you can add eye-catching trim may be around windows, on your kitchen island, or even along the wall of your staircase.

Osborne Ceiling Medallion 7531

5) Add Height to Your Baseboards

Speaking of trim, another way to make your home look more expensive and more tailored to you and your style is by adding height to your baseboards. This works especially well if you have high ceilings as the taller baseboards help to draw the eye upward and fill out the space better. Adding height to baseboards doesn’t have to be complicated, either. This can be easily achieved by stacking smaller boards together, such as our half round moulding or picture frame moulding placed above a simple square board.

6) Add Interest to Your Ceiling

One big trend right now is adding visual interest to your ceiling. The ceiling is typically one of the most unused spaces in a home, which makes it a perfect opportunity! There are many different ways to add visual interest, too. A quick way to do so would be to add a ceiling medallion around a light fixture, like our customer here did.

Another option would be to add moulding onto the ceiling itself. Coffered ceilings are a timeless and elegant option, but may not work for everyone, so adding moulding instead to create a paneled or faux-coffered look may be the best option for your space.

A third option for adding interest to your ceiling may just be to update old crown moulding with something beautiful and new. This can be easily achieved with our selection of crown moulding, but you don’t have to stop there! You can also combine crown moulding with other moulding elements we offer, such as flat moulding, half round moulding, or insert moulding, to create beautiful moulding stacks. Check out our Two Minute Tuesday video below featuring some stacks created by our marketing team! When combined with other elements, like onlays or crown blocks, you can really build out and enhance a space.

7) Swap Out Switch & Outlet Covers

Another super simple and often overlooked aspect of upgrading your home can be your switch and outlet covers! Replacing these is simple. There are so many options on the market that it may be hard to choose, but one option many people don’t consider is wood. These are an especially good choice if you have an electrical receptacle notch installed in your kitchen island legs. Our covers come in 3 styles, rocker, duplex, and toggle, and are currently available in cherry, red oak, black walnut, and paint grade soft maple.

8) Add Beautiful Cabinet Hardware

Much like switch plates, swapping out your knobs and pulls with wooden options is simple to do and often overlooked. This is a great option for a multitude of design styles, especially if you want to incorporate the same design elements across your room. For example, our simple mission style legs are incredibly popular and versatile, which is why we offer a full mission collection that includes other elements like corbels, onlays, and knobs and pulls. We also offer acanthus leaf, floral, shell, and basketweave designs alongside our more traditional choices. This is just another small detail that can make a big difference and really elevate your space.

9) Include Metal or Acrylic Accents

This is definitely one of the most trendy options on this list! Metal and acrylic both are incredibly popular right now, and for good reason. Both of these options can be styled so many different ways depending on what you want for your home, and by adding these elements, you can really tie a room together.

When it comes to metal, we offer a variety of options including furniture feet, table legs, island posts, corbels, table pedestals, and even fusion pieces that combine wood and metal. Our acrylic line currently includes furniture feet, table legs, and fusion pieces as well.

As a bonus, the clear acrylic material creates an airy, open feeling in your room, often giving your furniture the appearance of floating. This helps create the illusion of negative space, helping smaller rooms feel larger and less busy.

10) Use Beautiful Woods

While there’s nothing wrong with knotty pine or a paintable wood like poplar, they may not be the best choice for every build in every home. That’s why we offer our products in a number of different wood types, including beautiful options like mahogany, white oak, hickory, or walnut. We can also custom make items in other unique or beautiful woods like tiger maple, teak, or rift white oak. Using high quality woods like these can help elevate the quality of any piece of furniture. These woods have beautiful natural colors or other traits that can also add character to a space and almost turn a piece of functional furniture into a work of art, too. As a bonus, using high quality woods means a higher chance of your furniture lasting for years, even decades, to come.


If you're ready to DIY any of these beautiful upgrades in your home, start browsing our collection today! You can find our more information on many of our products by looking through our website and if you find something you like, go ahead and place an order for it! Feel free to give us a call at 800-849-8876 or email us at [email protected] and we'll be happy to help you with any questions your may have.

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