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Square Farm Dining Table Leg (29″ x 3 12″)

29″ x 3 12 Part #1141 Square Farm Dining Table Leg
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•  Soft Maple (paintgrade) $66.70  ea
•  Red Oak $78.44  ea
•  Knotty Pine $48.97  ea
•  Cherry $98.45  ea

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•  Hickory $91.44  ea
•  Alder $88.61  ea
•  Hard Maple $84.38  ea
•  Mahogany $102.22  ea
•  Black Walnut $138.26  ea
•  White Oak $119.91  ea

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Long before there were turned legs, early craftsmen mastered the art of creating gentle curves and coves by using a narrow bow saw and a coping saw. Though many square profile legs are popular today, the trend began long ago, as these craftsman put countless hours and effort into their designs. The turning lathe was developed much later, allowing for more complex designs in a shorter amount of time.


The Square Farm Dining Table leg embodies the same great characteristics found in these earliest decorative legs. The square turnings exhibit the same hand crafted features as the early designs. When coupled with the modern turnings later developed, the Square Farm Dining Table leg features a delightful combination of modernity and tradition.


The Square Farm Dining Table leg exhibits the characteristics of the early farm style legs, making this leg a perfect option for a farm table design. Featuring one of the most recognized silhouettes in the industry, the lamb's tongue, the square farm table leg is a take on the classic example of true country style. Now also available in Coffee Table Height for a complementary table or Bench design (Part #1345)


DIY Tutorial

Rogue Engineer created the perfect example of a contemporary farmhouse table (shown right) Get your Free Plans to Build this Table from their site!


Have you used this table leg in your design? We would love to feature your project. Share Your Photos Here!