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Husky Transitional End Table Leg (21″ x 5″)

21″ x 5″ Part #1271 Husky Transitional End Table Leg
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•  Soft Maple (paintgrade) $99.31  ea
•  Red Oak $122.24  ea
•  Knotty Pine $64.62  ea
•  Cherry $139.72  ea

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•  Hickory $129.66  ea
•  Hard Maple $121.47  ea
•  Mahogany $157.64  ea
•  Black Walnut $258.88  ea

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The Husky Transitional End Table Leg exhibits some of the same great characteristics found in early decorative legs. Before there were turned legs, early craftsmen mastered the art of creating gentle curves and coves by using a narrow bow saw and a coping saw. This was much before the turning late was created. 

While this leg is a perfect fit for most any design, it fits in particularly well with a modern farmhouse look. Whether it be Mission or Craftsman, this leg would be the perfect leg to make a rustic home, slightly more modern with its precise cut outs and corners.  This leg embodies the same great characteristics that are found in the earliest decorative legs and features the same hand crafted features of early designs. 
Create a beautiful farmhouse end table or coffee table with this simplistic design that will intrigue your guests and leave your home feeling rustic, yet modern. This leg's square traditional design is coupledwith a modern turn that gives it a delightful combination of modernity and tradition.
The Husky Transitional End Table Leg couples perfectly with the Square Heritage Coffee Table Leg (Part # 1335). Create a matching coffee table to incorporate with your modern farmhouse style end table!
Osborne can make a table base kit for you using this leg, and can ship it out by the following business day of your order. Just click “Order a Table Apron with this Leg” (just below the Add to Cart button), and you will see how we produce our high quality table base kits—everything but the table top! Each piece is made to your exact specifications, and includes all the hardware you need to put together a beautiful table base. You select the length, width, overhang, profile edge and wood type, and we do all the milling to your specifications, and in just one day!