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Tybee Island Leg (35 12″ x 3 12″)

35 12″ x 3 12 Part #1759 Tybee Island Leg
Material Price Each Quantity

Traditional Selection

•  Soft Maple (paintgrade) $53.03  ea
•  Red Oak $72.32  ea
•  Knotty Pine $47.82  ea
•  Cherry $95.84  ea

Premium Selection

•  Hickory $87.25  ea
•  Alder $86.26  ea
•  Hard Maple $83.31  ea
•  Mahogany $110.18  ea
•  Black Walnut $136.23  ea
•  White Oak $119.72  ea
•  Beech $95.28  ea

Specialty Wood Selection

•  Rustic Alder $130.05  ea
•  Tiger Maple $228.26  ea
•  Western Red Cedar $278.24  ea
•  Spanish Cedar $166.61  ea

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When most folks think of Tybee Island, they think of its old historic lighthouse. The thing that I enjoy most, however, is the old fort. The museum there has some of the most unusual seafaring artifacts that can be found in the United States today. As I was meandering through the halls, looking into the 18th century version of the war room, I was noticing a generals map stand. It was taller than the usual table and had the most beautiful legs stemming from its slanted top. It seemed almost out of place-almost like it had been brought from an office in downtown Savannah. I began to wonder what this might have actually started life as. As I stared at the marvelous piece, I deduced that the table was, perhaps, the draftsmans table of a wealthy plantation owner. The Tybee Island leg is Osborne Wood Products reproduction of that leg. ~ Contributed by Charles Head, Beautiful Interiors