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Tall Solaris Acrylic Leg (35 12″ x 3 12″)

35 12″ x 3 12 Part #2754 Tall Solaris Acrylic Leg
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•  Soft Maple (paintgrade) $161.48  ea
•  Red Oak $165.77  ea
•  Knotty Pine $148.76  ea
•  Cherry $175.49  ea

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•  Hickory $174.68  ea
•  Alder $170.85  ea
•  Hard Maple $171.12  ea
•  Mahogany $173.80  ea
•  Black Walnut $196.72  ea

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At Osborne Wood Products we are very excited about our new and expanding Fusion line. Elegantly combining wood with metal and acrylic elements, the Fusion Line is perfect for adding a beautiful modern touch to your home.


This stylish dining table leg pairs the modest silhouette of a tapered wooden leg with an eye-catching acrylic accent. The blend of materials creates a subtle statement piece ideal for a contemporary space, traditional space, and everything in between.


We also offer this leg in a 34 ½” size (part #2454).


You will receive an assembled leg that consists of:

1) two wood pieces – a top and shaft;

2) an acrylic center that separates the top and bottom wood components;

3) a threaded metal rod; and

4) a nut and washer. 


You will also receive two plastic protectors with either leg order to place on the exposed ends of the threaded rod while the leg is disassembled for finishing.



Preparing to Stain or Paint Your Fusion Legs


Please note that the acrylic can be adversely affected if not protected when you finish your wood components.  You may avoid damage to the acrylic by using either of the following guidelines.


Option 1:  You may choose to protect the acrylic by covering them with plastic and then sealing the plastic with durable paint grade masking tape prior to beginning any finish work on the wood components.  This method is relatively successful for protecting the finish on the acrylic but is more prone to failure than the more thorough method described in Option 2.


Option 2: The assembled leg you receive is easily disassembled.  We strongly recommend that you disassemble the leg prior to finishing the wood components as disassembly provides the highest level of protection to the acrylic.  The entire leg assembly is secured with a nut and washer that you will find at the top of the leg.  Take a 9/16” socket wrench and – turning the wrench counter-clockwise – unscrew and remove the nut and washer.  Having removed the nut and washer lift the various wood and metal components from the threaded metal rod.  Place the protectors on the exposed ends of the metal rod to avoid damage to the threading.


NOTE: Please take care to avoid bending the rod while the leg is disassembled.


Once the wood elements have been stained, painted or finished, you may reassemble the leg by reversing the disassembly process. 


Begin by inserting the threaded metal rod into the lower wood element before loading the acrylic center onto the rod, followed by the final or top wood element.  Join the washer and nut at the top of the leg, and tighten.


Check out Osborne Wood Product's new contemporary line of acrylic furniture feet and legs. Acrylic is a cutting edge development in the furniture industry. Our acrylic products come pre-drilled for easy hardware insertion and have sleek silhouettes making them the perfect way to modernize any room setting. The high quality acrylic is made to be weight bearing, and the high durability of the clear line makes it ideal for any DIY or home renovations projects looking to hit the next big thing in home design.