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16" Straight Leg Mounting Cleats

16″ x 2 34″ x 1 38 Part #3912.16 16" Straight Leg Mounting Cleats
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The pack of two 16" Straight Leg Mounting Cleats allows you to install table legs directly to your tabletop in an efficient and attractive manner. This stunning wooden table accessory provides an innovative solution to mounting table legs without the need for a table apron or skirt. This clutter-free look is indicative of mid-century modern design. The sleek edges of the cleats allow them to be part of the table décor rathe than a hidden piece of hardware. 


The cleats feature a slender build with the dimensions of 16" x 2 3/4" x 1 3/8" meaning they will complement various table designs without being overwhelming. Each cleat can mount two table legs. The set accommodates a standard four-legged table. The necessary hardware is included for quick and easy installation of the cleats to the bottom of the tabletop. Mounting cleats accept 3/8" hanger bolts (Part #938). When installing hanger bolts in the corresponding leg, please leave 1" of the bolt revealed at the top as the depth of the cleat will accept 1" of a bolt. 


This size cleat is also available in an angled version (Part #3913.16), which can be used to install table legs at a 12 degree angle.