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16" Angled Leg Mounting Cleats

16″ x 2 34″ x 1 38 Part #3913.16 16" Angled Leg Mounting Cleats
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•  Cherry $28.88  ea
•  Hard Maple $23.25  ea

The pack of two 16" Angled Leg Mounting Cleats provides a simple and stunning solution to installing table legs at an angle. These cleats give your table legs an attractice 12 degree angle, which is ideal for creating a mid-century modern look. Made from wood, these innovative components are a functional and stylish addition to your table. The sleek edges of the cleats allow them to be part of the table décor. 


The cleats feature a slender build with the dimensions of 16" x 2 3/4" x 1 3/8". This allows them to complement various table designs without being overwhelming. Each cleat can mount two table legs. The set accommodates a standard four-legged table. The necessary hardware is included for quick and easy installation of the cleats to the bottom of the tabletop. Mounting cleats accept 3/8" hanger botls (Part #938). When installing hanger bolts in the corresponding leg, please leave 1" of the bolt revealed at the top as the depth of the cleat will accept 1" of a bolt.


This size cleat is also available in a straight version (Part #3912.16) if you are looking to install your table legs without an angle.