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6 1/8" Pullman Industrial Foot

6 18″ x 3 12 Part #4944.6 6 1/8" Pullman Industrial Foot
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•  Slate Gray Finish $15.53  ea


Fabricated with strong, industrial-grade steel, these feet will be the perfect addition to any industrial furniture. These feet are available at 6 1/8 inches and 8 inches tall and come with a leveler on the bottom of the foot to compensate for uneven flooring, as well as an attachment plate to attach to the underside of a table or furniture piece. Foot placement can be easily adjusted using 4 pre-drilled holes near the center of the attachment plate. Attachment hardware is included (4--1.25" pan head screws)


These feet are made of industrial-grade angled steel, giving the legs a square appearance from the outside. These feet are sealed with a clear coat to preserve the color and prevent darkening. In some applications that are a more rustic industrial application it may be desirable to request the legs without the clear coat finish so that the legs will develop a patina over time. This patina will darken the legs as well as adding a rust coloration to the leg.


Looking for a cohesive design? Check out our matching dining table leg, part #1108. Available at 28 ½ inches tall and 2 ½ inches wide, the 1108 will perfectly complement these feet and add a touch of cohesion to your overall decor. Also feel free to review the full line of Metal Table Legs.


Looking for ideas and inspiration? Check out our Interior Design Styles board on Pinterest for further inspiration and ideas on how to incorporate these feet (and the 1108 legs) into your design.


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