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Heritage Bar Stool Kit

40″ x 18″ x 18″ Part #55004 Heritage Bar Stool Kit
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•  White Birch $185.79  ea

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Wood Stool Kits from Osborne Wood Products

The Heritage Bar Stool Kit will include:

  •  Semi- Assembled Chair Front & Back

  •   Chair Rails with Mortise and Tenon Joinery

  •   Corner Blocks (Front & Back)

  • Screws for Corner Blocks & Seat

  • Chair Seat

Benefits of Ordering an Osborne Bar Stool Kit:

  •  100% Solid Unfinished Wood

  •   High Quality Joint Construction (Mortise and Tenon)
  •  Sturdy Furniture Piece when Assembled

  • 1" Thick Chair Seat at Largest Point
  • Seat Height of 30"


All of our products come unfinished, allowing our customers to creatively design and finish our quality chairs to best fit the design.
(Please Note that this chair kits comes semi-assembled.)



Osborne Heritage Bar Stool:
Accompany your bar or island height seating area with a solid wood stool from Osborne. This stool kit comes semi-assembled with easy to follow, step by step instructions for assembly. When fully assembled, this stool is not only study, but a stunning addition to the space. The wood will be finished upon assembly to match your current space, allowing for virtually endless options. The stool is not only stylish, but comfortable, offering a seat 1" at its widest point and shaped for comfort. A complete printout of instructions is included in the box upon arrival.

semi-assembled bar stool

Recommended Tools Not Included:

  • Rubber Mallet
  • Wood Glue
  • Brush
  • Measuring Tape
  • Wood Clamps
  • Philips or Robertson bit #2
  • Sandpaper (Grit 120 or 150)
  • Power Drill

Why purchase an unfinished bar stool from Osborne Wood Products?

Are you looking for just the right bar stool to add to your kitchen island or bar space? Have you searched high and low for a heavy duty, stylish bar height stool that is both sturdy and a perfect fit? The Heritage Bar Stool is not only stylish and sustainable, but sturdy. The unfinished kit is a contemporary stool design that easily compliments a variety of room styles and themes. Whether adding one stool to the end of a bar height, or a row of barstools to your sports bar, the Heritage Kit is the perfect fit for your design. This stool kit comes semi-assembled with easy step by step instructions. Impress your family, friends, and guests with the natural beauty and comfort of this kitchen stool. Build your perfect kitchen bar stool today!