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Small Grape Onlays (Pair)

11″ x 4 14″ x  34 Part #891748 Small Grape Onlays (Pair)
Material Price Each Quantity
•  Rubberwood (paintgrade) $77.11  ea
•  Red Oak $119.91  ea
•  Cherry $125.50  ea
•  Hard Maple $125.50  ea

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What other way to give your rooms a little countryside charm than the Small Grape Onlays. These onlays are perfect for your kitchen, wine cell or even bathroom. The onlay features plump, mouthwatering grapes on a twisting vine. They envision a winery filled with ripe, grown to perfection grapes before they are barreled up to make the only the finest wines. Putting them in your kitchen will provide not only a rustic aura but also a heartwarming sensation. The Large Grape Onlays sold as a pair and are 11 inches long, 4 ½  inches high, and ¾ of an inch wide. Can you think of any better way to spice up your rooms?