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Flower Basket

9 38″ x 10″ x 1″ Part #891808 Flower Basket
Material Price Each Quantity
•  Rubberwood (paintgrade) $56.23  ea
•  Cherry $87.06  ea
•  Hard Maple $87.06  ea

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We have an account in the Bible that in Egypt, Moses was placed in a basket and floated at the edge of the river Nile. Tracing that timeline back, we can see that the basket became an important tool some 4,000 or so years ago. Its use in architecture began shortly thereafter, as it was used to show abundance with images baskets running over with wheat and grain at harvest time. Osborne Wood Products references this design tradition with the 891808 Flower Basket Applique. This Basket is overflowing with delicately carved flowers, adding warmth and beauty to your home. At 10" high, 9 3/8" wide, and 1" deep, this Flower Basket is sure to add a gorgeous touch to your home design.