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Large End Block

5 34″ x 3 12″ x 1 34 Part #892040 Large End Block
Material Price Each Quantity
•  Rubberwood (paintgrade) $3.03  ea
•  Cherry $5.35  ea
•  Hard Maple $5.35  ea

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The large end block serves it's purpose in the best way possible. The large end block allows you to customize your column designs even further by eliminating plynth's or other molding designs that could be attached. With this piece you can customize your cabinetry and trim to the fullest extent by adding custom pieces on top and allowing this piece to serve its purpose as the base. In addition, you no longer have to purchase a larger size and reshape to get the size you want. Adding this piece is essential to your woodwork and will allow you the freedom to customize your project to the fullest extent.