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1" Floating Shelf Bracket Kit (18" long)

18″ x 1″ x  58 Part #934.18 1" Floating Shelf Bracket Kit (18" long)
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•  Hardware $7.43  ea

18" Long Floating Shelf Hardware Bracket Kit (aluminum) includes 2 interlocking metal brackets, small level, and attachment hardware. One of the metal bracket pieces is attached into a recessed groove on the back of a shelf, and the other metal bracket is attached to the wall with included screws. The metal bracket on the shelf slips over the cleat on the wall bracket, forming a very strong support structure, and causing the shelf to appear to float on the wall without any obvious means of support. Can be used for a shelf up to 28" long.

 Supports 100 pounds of weight when bracket is attached to studs in the wall. The recessed channel on the back of the shelf should be 35/64" deep and 1 1/2" wide. The channel should be approximately one inch longer than the hardware. Hardware can be used with shelves that are up to 1.75" thick and up to 4 inches longer than the hardware.