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Photo of Kitchen Island Legs & Pilasters

Kitchen Island Legs & Pilasters

The island leg collection at Osborne Wood Products includes every shape and size you may envision for your next project. Variations include simplistic profiles, decoratively carved pieces, and components made to accommodate a certain interior design theme. Choose from high quality wooden posts, stylish acrylic profiles, impressive metal legs and delightful fusion designs. Browse through round and square leg profiles. Discover something you haven’t seen before that may provide inspiration for a future build. No matter what you are looking for, our expansive collection is sure to have what you need and more.

One of our most popular creations is the Islander Island Leg. This design begins and finishes with sturdy blocks. The square bottom block is slightly larger than the top block, giving the piece a satisfying visual weight at the bottom. These blocks are not only visually appealing but incredibly useful when you plan to incorporate shelving or a table apron into your build. Since this profile is commonly used, we offer many variations of it. Maybe an extended, thin or husky version of the Islander profile is the perfect accompaniment to your dream kitchen.

Create your own custom kitchen island today with one of our durable island legs! Heights range from 34 ½” to 40 ½” with widths ranging from 1 ¾” to 8”. If you can’t find the perfect fit for your project, we would love to work with you on a custom design. Request a custom quote to get started and one of our team members will reach out to you shortly.

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Photo of Cabinet & Furniture Feet

Cabinet & Furniture Feet

Unfinished furniture feet are incredibly useful tools when renovating or completing a new design. Osborne Wood Products wants it to be easy for you to enhance your space, and our wide selection of furniture feet is a great start. There is a large variety of sizes and shapes to choose from in our collection, accommodating almost any furniture piece. Whether you are starting from scratch, replacing legs on an old furniture piece or simply wanting to add height to a furnishing, you are sure to find the right fit for your project in our collection!

Our styles of bun feet include metal feet, round profiles, square designs, ogee feet, Queen Anne legs, sofa legs and more. Our metal furniture feet are available in several finishes making it easy for you to complement your existing space. Our round and square wooden feet come in numerous sizes and styles that will add unique character and dimension to your project. Ogee feet range from simple and traditional profiles to elegant hand carved pieces. The slightly taller sofa legs were made to perfectly replace your existing sofa legs. Finally, our Queen Anne feet boast timeless designs and are available in several heights.

All of our wooden furniture feet are unfinished and do not have hardware installed. However, hardware and drilling services are available upon request. We also carry hardware solutions that are suitable for many of our furniture feet designs and will make your project quicker and easier. For any custom requests, be sure to call our customer service department at 800-849-8876.

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Photo of Corbels & Brackets

Corbels & Brackets

Corbels and brackets have evolved to be not only supportive elements within design but also highly decorative components. When you are looking for added depth and sophisticated dimension to your home, corbels are a necessity. Our expanding inventory features corbels fit for any interior design theme. Corbels can be used as statement pieces or as simple accents within a room. We offer petite corbels that will seamlessly accentuate your countertops or shelving, as well as large island height corbels which will create an impressive “wow” factor in your kitchen.

Our collection includes everything from traditional wooden corbels to unique carved designs to modern metal profiles. You will also find stunning creations adorned with popular carvings such as basket weave patterns, grapes and acanthus leaves. No matter what your project is, we guarantee you will find something useful in our selection. Add a stunning mission corbel to your range hood and complete your mission-themed kitchen. Use a classic corbel as support for living room shelving and to add timeless ornamentation to your space. With so many designs to choose from and a wide array of sizes, you will not have any problems finding a good fit for your project.

Still deciding how to incorporate decorative brackets into your home design? We have developed a helpful how to guide explaining seven ways you can use corbels in your home. The possibilities are limitless with customization options and various materials to choose from. If you are having trouble finding the perfect fit, request a quote so we can discuss a custom design created with your build in mind.

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Photo of Dining & Desk Table Legs

Dining & Desk Table Legs

Osborne Wood Products has been successfully producing table legs for decades and this is evident when looking through our vast selection. Our inventory boasts an impressive array of table leg designs that are fit for any home and any theme. Our dining and desk table legs have been carefully crafted with quality and style in mind. Although our selection is expansive, we continuously expand our inventory to ensure that you will find the perfect item for your build.

Popular design styles include traditional, contemporary, arts and crafts, mid-century modern and industrial. We have options for all of these and more! Our wooden turnings all feature a height close to 29” which is perfect for a dining table or office desk design. You can find components with simplistic curves, elegant detailing, intricate carvings, satisfying taperings and more within our selection. Many of our designs are also available in kitchen island and bench height, making it easy for you to create stunning complementary sets.

We also offer various fusion designs which beautifully combine wooden profiles with metal or acrylic accents. If you are not interested in a wooden leg, try out one of our fully acrylic or metal options. These will have the same durability and craftsmanship as seen in our wooden turnings, but offer a more unique look when added to your dining room. They pair well with other components in our metal and acrylic collections. Be sure to browse our full inventory to find complementary pieces that will help you achieve your dream design.

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