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Carved Onlays

decorative wooden carved center onlays

decorative wooden scrolls and corner onlys

Wooden carved ornaments and onlays

Embossed wood onlays and ornaments

rosettes and casing blocks

wooden carved swags

capitals and blocks


Onlays, Appliques, and Ornaments in the Bendix Collection

Bendix by Osborne offers a wide variety of traditional, shaker, and ornate onlays to fit the most exquisite of designs. This line of products is available in order to add a tradition of elegance to your home. These ornate designs will offer a piece of history and tradition that will live on for years to come. Deep history rooted in architecture will provide sense of elegance and culture to your home.


Onlays are typically used to enhance the look and feel of kitchen cabinetry. However, the advantage does not stop there! Onlays can also be used as home decorations for entryways and artwork, bathroom cabinetry, and even to enhance the look of furniture. Onlays can be used as a way to let your creativity soar. Add onlays as design elements throughout your home for a custom look that is uniquely yours!



For a more value-based decorative solution, view our selection of Embossed Ornaments. These small accents can easily be applied to any peice to add a bit of flavor and are offered at an afforadable price.