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Part Thumbnail 2d DXF 2d JPG 3d DXF Mesh 3d DXF Solid 2d STL
4002 Apple Round Bun Foot 4002_2d.dxf 4002_2djpg.jpg 4002_3dmesh.dxf 4002_3dsolid.dxf 4002_3dstl.stl
4090 Brunswick Round Bun Foot 4090_2d.dxf 4090_2djpg.jpg 4090_3dmesh.dxf 4090_3dsolid.dxf 4090_3dstl.stl
4100 Tulip Round Bun Foot 4100_2d.dxf 4100_2djpg.jpg 4100_3dmesh.dxf 4100_3dsolid.dxf 4100_3dstl.stl
4173 Apple Industrial Round Bun Foot 4173_2d.dxf 4173_2djpg.jpg 4173_3dmesh.dxf 4173_3dsolid.dxf 4173_3dstl.stl
6002 Dresser Foot 6002_2d.dxf 6002_2djpg.jpg 6002_3dmesh.dxf 6002_3dsolid.dxf 6002_3dstl.stl
4220 Club Round Bun Foot 4220_2d.dxf 4220_2djpg.jpg 4220_3dmesh.dxf 4220_3dsolid.dxf 4220_3dstl.stl
6187 Contemporary Sofa Leg Not available Not available Not available Not available Not available
4004 Acanthus Leaf Round Bun Foot 4004_2d.dxf 4004_2djpg.jpg 4004_3dmesh.dxf Not available 4004_3dstl.stl
4275 Fluted Round Bun Foot 4275_2d.dxf 4275_2djpg.jpg 4275_3dmesh.dxf 4275_3dsolid.dxf 4275_3dstl.stl
4160 Bird Claw Round Bun Foot 4160_2d.dxf 4160_2djpg.jpg 4160_3dmesh.dxf Not available 4160_3dstl.stl
4270 Fluted Round Bun Foot 4270_2d.dxf 4270_2djpg.jpg 4270_3dmesh.dxf 4270_3dsolid.dxf 4270_3dstl.stl
303034 English Country Bunfoot 303034_2d.dxf Not available 303034_3dmesh.dxf Not available Not available
4015 Cambridge Round Bun Foot 4015_2d.dxf 4015_2djpg.jpg 4015_3dmesh.dxf 4015_3dsolid.dxf 4015_3dstl.stl
4174 Wheeler Tapered Bun Foot 4174_2d.dxf 4174_2djpg.jpg 4174_3dmesh.dxf 4174_3dsolid.dxf 4174_3dstl.stl
4055 Round Bun Foot 4055_2d.dxf 4055_2djpg.jpg 4055_3dmesh.dxf 4055_3dsolid.dxf 4055_3dstl.stl
4215 Club Round Bun Foot 4215_2d.dxf 4215_2djpg.jpg 4215_3dmesh.dxf 4215_3dsolid.dxf 4215_3dstl.stl
4005 Non-Fluted Round Bun Foot 4005_2d.dxf 4005_2djpg.jpg 4005_3dmesh.dxf 4005_3dsolid.dxf 4005_3dstl.stl
4255 Georgia Round Bun Foot 4255_2d.dxf 4255_2djpg.jpg 4255_3dmesh.dxf 4255_3dsolid.dxf 4255_3dstl.stl
4250 Inch Georgia Round Bun Foot 4250_2d.dxf 4250_2djpg.jpg 4250_3dmesh.dxf 4250_3dsolid.dxf 4250_3dstl.stl
4175 Wheeler Classic Bun Foot 4175_2d.dxf 4175_2djpg.jpg 4175_3dmesh.dxf 4175_3dsolid.dxf 4175_3dstl.stl
6001 Nightstand Foot 6001_2d.dxf 6001_2djpg.jpg 6001_3dmesh.dxf 6001_3dsolid.dxf 6001_3dstl.stl
4097 Brunswick Round Bun Foot 4097_2d.dxf 4097_2djpg.jpg 4097_3dmesh.dxf 4097_3dsolid.dxf 4097_3dstl.stl
4202 Apple Round Bun Foot 4202_2d.dxf 4202_2djpg.jpg 4202_3dmesh.dxf 4202_3dsolid.dxf 4202_3dstl.stl
4075 Bridle Round Bun Foot 4075_2d.dxf 4075_2djpg.jpg 4075_3dmesh.dxf 4075_3dsolid.dxf 4075_3dstl.stl
4070 Bridle Round Bun Foot 4070_2d.dxf 4070_2djpg.jpg 4070_3dmesh.dxf 4070_3dsolid.dxf 4070_3dstl.stl
4095 Brunswick Round Bun Foot 4095_2d.dxf 4095_2djpg.jpg 4095_3dmesh.dxf 4095_3dsolid.dxf 4095_3dstl.stl
4040 English Country Round Bun Foot 4040_2d.dxf 4040_2djpg.jpg 4040_3dmesh.dxf 4040_3dsolid.dxf 4040_3dstl.stl
4113 Sapelo Round Bun Foot 4113_2d.dxf 4113_2djpg.jpg 4113_3dmesh.dxf 4113_3dsolid.dxf 4113_3dstl.stl
4101 Squat Round Bun Foot 4101_2d.dxf 4101_2djpg.jpg 4101_3dmesh.dxf 4101_3dsolid.dxf 4101_3dstl.stl
4161 Bird Claw Round Bun Foot 4161_2d.dxf 4161_2djpg.jpg 4161_3dmesh.dxf Not available 4161_3dstl.stl
4260 Non-Fluted Round Bun Foot 4260_2d.dxf 4260_2djpg.jpg 4260_3dmesh.dxf 4260_3dsolid.dxf 4260_3dstl.stl
4050 Round Bun Foot 4050_2d.dxf 4050_2djpg.jpg 4050_3dmesh.dxf 4050_3dsolid.dxf 4050_3dstl.stl
4001 Fluted Round Bun Foot 4001_2d.dxf 4001_2djpg.jpg 4001_3dmesh.dxf 4001_3dsolid.dxf 4001_3dstl.stl
4012 Ball Round Bun Foot 4012_2d.dxf 4012_2djpg.jpg 4012_3dmesh.dxf 4012_3dsolid.dxf 4012_3dstl.stl
4265 Non-Fluted Round Bun Foot 4265_2d.dxf 4265_2djpg.jpg 4265_3dmesh.dxf 4265_3dsolid.dxf 4265_3dstl.stl
4125 Egg  Round Bun Foot 4125_2d.dxf 4125_2djpg.jpg 4125_3dmesh.dxf 4125_3dsolid.dxf 4125_3dstl.stl
4115 Medium Squat Round Bun Foot 4115_2d.dxf 4115_2djpg.jpg 4115_3dmesh.dxf 4115_3dsolid.dxf 4115_3dstl.stl
4120 Egg Round Bun Foot 4120_2d.dxf 4120_2djpg.jpg 4120_3dmesh.dxf 4120_3dsolid.dxf 4120_3dstl.stl
4165 Bird Claw Round Bun Foot 4165_2d.dxf 4165_2djpg.jpg 4165_3dmesh.dxf Not available 4165_3dstl.stl
4000 Colonial Round Bun Foot 4000_2d.dxf 4000_2djpg.jpg 4000_3dmesh.dxf 4000_3dsolid.dxf 4000_3dstl.stl
4011 Ball Round Bun Foot 4011_2d.dxf 4011_2djpg.jpg 4011_3dmesh.dxf 4011_3dsolid.dxf 4011_3dstl.stl
4045 English Country Round Bun Foot 4045_2d.dxf 4045_2djpg.jpg 4045_3dmesh.dxf 4045_3dsolid.dxf 4045_3dstl.stl
4021 Acrylic Ball Bunfoot, 4" 4021_2d.dxf 4021_2djpg.jpg 4021_3dmesh.dxf 4021_3dsolid.dxf 4021_3dstl.stl
46180 DeSoto Acrylic Sofa Foot - Set of 4 Not available Not available Not available Not available Not available
44020 Minnehaha Acrylic Ball Bunfoot, 3" Not available Not available Not available Not available Not available
440213 Acrylic Ball Bunfoot, 4" with Acryl Not available Not available Not available Not available Not available
4375 Wheeler Classic Foot 4375_2d.dxf 4375_2djpg.jpg 4375_3dmesh.dxf 4375_3dsolid.dxf 4375_3dstl.stl
4475 Tall Wheeler Classic Foot 4475_2d.dxf 4475_2djpg.jpg 4475_3dmesh.dxf 4475_3dsolid.dxf 4475_3dstl.stl
6180 Acrylic Sofa FootT 6180_2d.dxf 6180_2djpg.jpg 6180_3dmesh.dxf 6180_3dsolid.dxf 6180_3dstl.stl

Note that by downloading any of these files, you agree that the files will not be used for manufacturing.