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Part Thumbnail 2d DXF 2d JPG 3d DXF Mesh 3d DXF Solid 2d STL
2701 Marshall Island Leg 2701_2d.dxf 2701_2djpg.jpg 2701_3dmesh.dxf 2701_3dsolid.dxf 2701_3dstl.stl
2702 Walton Vanity Leg 2702_2d.dxf 2702_2djpg.jpg 2702_3dmesh.dxf 2702_3dsolid.dxf 2702_3dstl.stl
2706 Conway Fusion Leg 2706_2d.dxf 2706_2djpg.jpg 2706_3dmesh.dxf 2706_3dsolid.dxf 2706_3dstl.stl
2718 Thornton Vanity Leg 2718_2d.dxf 2718_2djpg.jpg 2718_3dmesh.dxf 2718_3dsolid.dxf 2718_3dstl.stl
2417 Belford Vanity Leg 2417_2d.dxf 2417_2djpg.jpg 2417_3dmesh.dxf 2417_3dsolid.dxf 2417_3dstl.stl
1601 Shanty to Chic Vanity Pilaster 1601_2d.dxf 1601_2djpg.jpg 1601_3dmesh.dxf 1601_3dsolid.dxf 1601_3dstl.stl
5015 Carved Corner 5015_2d.dxf 5015_2djpg.jpg 5015_3dmesh.dxf Not available 5015_3dstl.stl
5020 Non-carved Corner 5020_2d.dxf 5020_2djpg.jpg 5020_3dmesh.dxf Not available 5020_3dstl.stl
5025 French Corner Leg 5025_2d.dxf 5025_2djpg.jpg 5025_3dmesh.dxf Not available 5025_3dstl.stl
5050 Vanity Post 5050_2d.dxf 5050_2djpg.jpg 5050_3dmesh.dxf 5050_3dsolid.dxf 5050_3dstl.stl
5030 French Corner Leg 5030_2d.dxf 5030_2djpg.jpg 5030_3dmesh.dxf Not available 5030_3dstl.stl
2418 Thornton Vanity Leg 2418_2d.dxf 2418_2djpg.jpg 2418_3dmesh.dxf 2418_3dsolid.dxf 2418_3dstl.stl
2416 Lewiston Vanity Leg 2416_2d.dxf 2416_2djpg.jpg 2416_3dmesh.dxf 2416_3dsolid.dxf 2416_3dstl.stl
2403 Walton Island Leg 2403_2d.dxf 2403_2djpg.jpg 2403_3dmesh.dxf 2403_3dsolid.dxf 2403_3dstl.stl
2405 Conway Fusion Leg 2405_2d.dxf 2405_2djpg.jpg 2405_3dmesh.dxf 2405_3dsolid.dxf 2405_3dstl.stl
2401 Marshall Island Leg 2401_2d.dxf 2401_2djpg.jpg 2401_3dmesh.dxf 2401_3dsolid.dxf 2401_3dstl.stl
2402 Walton Vanity Leg 2402_2d.dxf 2402_2djpg.jpg 2402_3dmesh.dxf 2402_3dsolid.dxf 2402_3dstl.stl
2415 Kelso Vanity Leg 2415_2d.dxf 2415_2djpg.jpg 2415_3dmesh.dxf 2415_3dsolid.dxf 2415_3dstl.stl
5005 French Corner Leg 5005_2d.dxf 5005_2djpg.jpg 5005_3dmesh.dxf Not available 5005_3dstl.stl
5000 French Carved Corner Leg 5000_2d.dxf 5000_2djpg.jpg 5000_3dmesh.dxf Not available 5000_3dstl.stl
2705 Conway Fusion Leg 2705_2d.dxf 2705_2djpg.jpg 2705_3dmesh.dxf 2705_3dsolid.dxf 2705_3dstl.stl
5040 French Carved Corner Leg 5040_2d.dxf 5040_2djpg.jpg 5040_3dmesh.dxf Not available 5040_3dstl.stl
2406 Conway Fusion Leg 2406_2d.dxf 2406_2djpg.jpg 2406_3dmesh.dxf 2406_3dsolid.dxf 2406_3dstl.stl
2419 Burnley Vanity Leg Not available Not available Not available Not available Not available

Note that by downloading any of these files, you agree that the files will not be used for manufacturing.