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Part Thumbnail 2d DXF 2d JPG 3d DXF Mesh 3d DXF Solid 2d STL
1389 Shanty2Chic Bench Leg 1389_2d.dxf 1389_2djpg.jpg 1389_3dmesh.dxf 1389_3dsolid.dxf 1389_3dstl.stl
41090 Roman Sofa Foot 41090_2d.dxf 41090_2djpg.jpg 41090_3dmesh.dxf 41090_3dsolid.dxf 41090_3dstl.stl
6155 Carved Queen Anne Foot 6155_2d.dxf 6155_2djpg.jpg 6155_3dmesh.dxf Not available 6155_3dstl.stl
4075 Bridle Round Bun Foot 4075_2d.dxf 4075_2djpg.jpg 4075_3dmesh.dxf 4075_3dsolid.dxf 4075_3dstl.stl
41231 Dalton Sofa Foot 41231_2d.dxf 41231_2djpg.jpg 41231_3dmesh.dxf 41231_3dsolid.dxf 41231_3dstl.stl
6140 Winged Corner Queen Anne Foot 6140_2d.dxf 6140_2djpg.jpg 6140_3dmesh.dxf Not available 6140_3dstl.stl
4080 Tapered Square Foot 4080_2d.dxf 4080_2djpg.jpg 4080_3dmesh.dxf 4080_3dsolid.dxf 4080_3dstl.stl
4100 Tulip Round Bun Foot 4100_2d.dxf 4100_2djpg.jpg 4100_3dmesh.dxf 4100_3dsolid.dxf 4100_3dstl.stl
4045 English Country Round Bun Foot 4045_2d.dxf 4045_2djpg.jpg 4045_3dmesh.dxf 4045_3dsolid.dxf 4045_3dstl.stl
6207 Caddington Chair Leg 6207_2d.dxf 6207_2djpg.jpg 6207_3dmesh.dxf 6207_3dsolid.dxf 6207_3dstl.stl
6204 Ansley Dining Chair Leg 6204_2d.dxf 6204_2djpg.jpg 6204_3dmesh.dxf 6204_3dsolid.dxf 6204_3dstl.stl
6208 Craftsman Chair Leg 3 6208_2d.dxf 6208_2djpg.jpg 6208_3dmesh.dxf 6208_3dsolid.dxf 6208_3dstl.stl
6201 Dutch Dining Chair Leg 6201_2d.dxf 6201_2djpg.jpg 6201_3dmesh.dxf 6201_3dsolid.dxf 6201_3dstl.stl
6137 Highland Manor Chair Leg 6137_2d.dxf 6137_2djpg.jpg 6137_3dmesh.dxf 6137_3dsolid.dxf 6137_3dstl.stl
6171 Kensington Chair Leg 6171_2d.dxf 6171_2djpg.jpg 6171_3dmesh.dxf 6171_3dsolid.dxf 6171_3dstl.stl
6166 Fairfield Chair Leg 6166_2d.dxf 6166_2djpg.jpg 6166_3dmesh.dxf 6166_3dsolid.dxf 6166_3dstl.stl
6132 Shanty 2 Chic Short Stool Leg 6132_2d.dxf 6132_2djpg.jpg 6132_3dmesh.dxf 6132_3dsolid.dxf 6132_3dstl.stl
6203 Padworth Dining Chair Leg 6203_2d.dxf 6203_2djpg.jpg 6203_3dmesh.dxf 6203_3dsolid.dxf 6203_3dstl.stl
6202 Stratford Dining Chair Leg 6202_2d.dxf 6202_2djpg.jpg 6202_3dmesh.dxf 6202_3dsolid.dxf 6202_3dstl.stl
6206 Hyland Chair Leg 6206_2d.dxf 6206_2djpg.jpg 6206_3dmesh.dxf 6206_3dsolid.dxf 6206_3dstl.stl
6131 Shanty2Chic Tall Stool Leg 6131_2d.dxf 6131_2djpg.jpg 6131_3dmesh.dxf 6131_3dsolid.dxf 6131_3dstl.stl
6152 Four Sided Taper Chair Leg 6152_2d.dxf 6152_2djpg.jpg 6152_3dmesh.dxf 6152_3dsolid.dxf 6152_3dstl.stl
6200 Curved Chair Leg 6200_2d.dxf 6200_2djpg.jpg 6200_3dmesh.dxf 6200_3dsolid.dxf 6200_3dstl.stl
6205 Eaton Chair Leg 6205_2d.dxf 6205_2djpg.jpg 6205_3dmesh.dxf 6205_3dsolid.dxf 6205_3dstl.stl
6172 Whiteford Chair Leg 6172_2d.dxf 6172_2djpg.jpg 6172_3dmesh.dxf 6172_3dsolid.dxf 6172_3dstl.stl
6165 Ashton Chair Leg 6165_2d.dxf 6165_2djpg.jpg 6165_3dmesh.dxf 6165_3dsolid.dxf 6165_3dstl.stl
6170  Oak Hill Sofa Leg 6170_2d.dxf 6170_2djpg.jpg 6170_3dmesh.dxf 6170_3dsolid.dxf 6170_3dstl.stl
6138 Harper Sofa Foot 6138_2d.dxf 6138_2djpg.jpg 6138_3dmesh.dxf 6138_3dsolid.dxf 6138_3dstl.stl
6150 Winged Corner Queen Anne Foot 6150_2d.dxf 6150_2djpg.jpg 6150_3dmesh.dxf Not available 6150_3dstl.stl
6136 Modern Sofa Foot 6136_2d.dxf 6136_2djpg.jpg 6136_3dmesh.dxf 6136_3dsolid.dxf 6136_3dstl.stl
47531 Augusta Sofa Foot 47531_2d.dxf 47531_2djpg.jpg 47531_3dmesh.dxf 47531_3dsolid.dxf 47531_3dstl.stl
41033 Albany Sofa Foot 41033_2d.dxf 41033_2djpg.jpg 41033_3dmesh.dxf 41033_3dsolid.dxf 41033_3dstl.stl
6151 Two Sided Tapered Foot 6151_2d.dxf 6151_2djpg.jpg 6151_3dmesh.dxf 6151_3dsolid.dxf 6151_3dstl.stl
4083 Mission Sofa Leg 4083_2d.dxf 4083_2djpg.jpg 4083_3dmesh.dxf 4083_3dsolid.dxf 4083_3dstl.stl

Note that by downloading any of these files, you agree that the files will not be used for manufacturing.