Today is Founder's Day!

Founders Day 2024

Osborne Wood Products, Inc. is hosting its Annual Founder’s Day celebration on Thursday, July 11, 2024. This year’s event also marks the 45th Anniversary of the company, which was founded in July of 1979. At the beginning, Leon Osborne and his wife, Janice, decided to start building furniture for a local co-op out of their garage in Toccoa, GA. They both continued to hold other jobs so they could save money and work toward their goal of owning a full business. After partnering with various individuals and honing in on what they did most successfully, Leon was able to formulate a clear vision of where he wanted the business to go and start working in that direction.

“As we were still in the primary stage of the business, I worked right alongside the other staff members,” shared Leon. “An employee told me that he believed my business would not grow unless I moved from a worker to a manager. This was a significant proposal and I knew the transition would be difficult but it needed to happen.”

Leon’s new managerial role soon led to other significant changes in the company. They began fading out of subcontracting and focusing on supplying components which is what the business is internationally known for currently. This was a crucial step in the company’s evolution.

“Our mission from day one was to treat our customers in a manner that is not focused on making money, it is about building relationships,” Leon shared regarding his initial approach all of those years ago.

Sticking to this mission has led the company to have an award-winning customer service team and thousands of long-term relationships. It is impressive to notice a few other characteristics of Osborne that have remained since the beginning, one of which is operating under the model that “No order is too small”. Being able to provide a customer with only one item rather than requiring large quantities allowed Osborne to fill a vital need in the industry that was unmet at the time.

The last 45 years of Osborne can be broken down into many things including hardships, trials and uncertainties. The core aspects of the business have remained and are responsible for the long-term success. A focus on quality, courtesy and excellence has been at the forefront of the company. The long-standing company motto is also followed by employees on a daily basis and encourages continuous growth.

The company motto states: At Osborne Wood Products, Inc., we are committed to a partnership for success by providing superior service and world-class innovation through forward thinking and a culture of caring.

This Founder’s Day, Osborne Wood Products, Inc. is celebrating 45 years of business with exclusive sales and an employee lunch on July 11. The company would also like to express gratitude to Leon Osborne for his commitment over several decades. Leon is set to retire in July and the company will undergo another transition but is confident that the framework Leon has provided will persist. Supporting the industry for 45 years is an incredible milestone but what is even more exciting is what lies ahead for the Osborne team.

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