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The Fusion Collection harmoniously incorporates wood and metal elements for unique and intricate design. When determining the perfect design elements for the home, consider the fusion collection for contemporary, modern, transitional, eclectic, and even industrial styles and designs. The Fusion Collection features unique character and designs to span your entire space. The collection offers an assortment of product types including metal corbels and brackets, kitchen island legs, dining table legs, and furniture feet.

The Fusion Collection features metal corbels and brackets that can easily be incorporated into your modern or contemporary design. By pairing metal corbels with wooden elements, the pieces can easily complement each other in ways that a traditional wood corbel could not. The metal detail adds a subtle, yet definitive contemporary feel to the space without overpowering other design elements. The sleek and stylish metal designs can also act as focal points for the room.

The Fusion Collection of kitchen island posts feature some of the most intricate and unique designs available. Kitchen island posts vary in style and size to provide the perfect match for your home. Flawlessly combining wood and metal elements, the fusion legs provide a cohesive piece that ties together the entire room. With over 18 wood type options available for many of the posts, the island leg wood material can easily be matched to current cabinetry or furniture. With a variety of metal finishes also available, metal elements can complement hardware, fixtures, and appliances in the home.

Much like the kitchen island leg options, the fusion dining table legs are incredible focal points for the space. Adding a contemporary flair to the dining area, the fusion dining table leg is a perfect conversation starter! Incorporate a variety of wood species to match with your favorite metal finish to create a table that is uniquely your own!

Metal furniture feet are an important part of the Fusion Collection. These metal feet can first be used as stand alone items. Ideal for furniture, cabinetry, ottomans, and more, the metal feet selection is available in up to 5 different metal finishes. These finishes can be incorporated throughout the entire space (or home) when you combine the metal fit in our fusion island and table leg collection. The opportunity for incredible design is limitless with these metal design options!

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