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Osborne Customer Service Staff Tours Maple Ridge Cabinetry

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On Wednesday, September 18th employees at Osborne Wood Products got a first hand look into the world of custom cabinetry. Front office employees in Customer Service, Marketing, and Drafting/CAD traveled to local custom cabinet shop, Maple Ridge Cabinetry, to see the step by step process in producing stunning pieces of furniture and interior designs.

Maple Ridge Cabinetry, nestled in the foothills of the North Georgia mountains, specializes in custom furniture for the home. These custom pieces range from kitchens, to dining rooms, to entertainment centers. The beautiful showroom in Toccoa, Georgia is adorned with pieces that are both appealing and add functionality to the space and design.

Osborne staff were greeted by Maple Ridge employees in the showroom. After taking a look at some of the magnificent pieces, it was time to see how these pieces came about. The tour began with the group examining a CNC router and learning how the pieces of the custom cabinetry were cut out and sorted for assembly. The group discussed the different types of materials used for cabinetry and the benefits of these materials. The group continued through the shop to examine the sanding process, assembly process, full construction, and finishing. Both decorative and functional hardware were examine and discussed. Following the tour, the group met back in the showroom to take a closer look at the finished products, see how Osborne parts looked in finished application, and to see the new ‘technologies’ in functional hardware available in custom cabinetry.

The staff at Osborne were excited to see these designs and to learn about the process of custom cabinetry. This tour was not only an enjoyable experience, but also gives insight as to how Osborne can better serve its customers. Customer Service staff, after having a first hand look at a cabinet shop, have a new outlook on the needs of customers and various uses of Osborne components.

Osborne would like to thank Maple Ridge Cabinetry for their willingness to show us their shop, and for the wonderful tour.

See more on Maple Ridge Cabinetry and their designs by clicking HERE. And don’t forget to tell them you want Osborne components!

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