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Must-Have Accessories for Your Kitchen Renovation

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Transforming your kitchen doesn’t always require demolition and new construction. Sometimes, it can involve updating the smaller details or making changes to the existing design. Osborne has several items available that can be used in your kitchen upgrade, whether you are looking to make a subtle or grand statement. Here are SEVEN accessory ideas that can be found in our collection and may be exactly what you need to give your kitchen a stylish uplift.

1. Moulding & Appliques

The wonderful thing about moulding and appliques is that they can be highly decorative and are easy to attach to a wide range of surfaces. We offer a large selection of moulding designs with several styles to choose from. Half round moulding acts as wonderful accent pieces along cabinetry, walls and furniture. We also have panel and door moulding that works well on walls and doorways. If you are adding under cabinet lighting to your space, we offer light rail moulding which can stylishly hide the necessary lighting hardware. These are just a few options and you are sure to find the perfect trim design to add a custom look to your kitchen.

Appliques and onlays are useful in kitchens that lack decorative elements. These wood embellishments will enhance your style without taking up a lot of space. We have small and large pieces to choose from and each one will be ready-to-finish so that you can customize it to match your existing design.

2. Knobs & Pulls

Are your kitchen cabinets looking outdated but you don’t want to buy brand new cabinetry? Simply exchanging the knob or pull on the cabinet door and drawers can make a big difference. Add a fresh coat of paint and your kitchen will be transformed! We have simple, traditional styles of wooden knobs and pulls to choose from. If you want a more decorative design, we offer carved pieces featuring popular styles such as mission and basketweave.

3. Electrical Receptacles & Outlet Covers

Did you know that we offer an electrical receptacle notch service that can be applied to a large selection of our island legs? This service allows you to add an electrical outlet to your kitchen island for a modern, seamless look.

Not working on an island project? You can still upgrade your outlets by adding a wooden outlet cover such as this Traditional Duplex Outlet Cover (Part #7541) with a custom finish. Paint or stain these wooden covers to match the rest of your finishes or to stand out as a decorative accent.

4. Floating Shelves

Need extra space in your kitchen but don’t have room to add cabinetry? Floating shelves are wonderful options to increase the storage capacity of your kitchen or pantry. We have multiple floating shelf hardware and kit options to choose from in a variety of lengths, so you can choose the one most suited to your space. Plus, you can check out our video below on installing floating shelves for tips and tricks to make your project quick and easy.

5. Corbels

Corbels were primarily developed to support overhangs and while this is still a function of these pieces, they also enhance the aesthetics of a room. Hand carved corbels may feature intricate details that draw the attention of your guests or they may have simple profiles that contribute the modern feel of your kitchen.

There are several ways you can incorporate corbels or brackets into a kitchen design. Extra large corbels can be used in place of island legs while smaller designs fit well underneath countertops, cabinets and even windowsills. Medium to large designs will be a stunning addition to your range hood or shelving. The possibilities are endless with several unfinished wood types to choose from and unlimited finishing opportunities. We also have metal brackets available that will offer a sleek, modern look to your design.

6. Cabinet Feet

Create the cozy appearance of furniture in your kitchen by adding feet to your cabinetry. Regardless of your preferred style, we have the ideal bun foot or leg for your project. This is a subtle way to elevate the design of your kitchen and further enhance your theme. We offer wood, metal and acrylic feet options in an array of styles and sizes.

7. Wine Lattice

If you need an area to store your wine, our Wine Rack Cabinetry Lattice (Part #73005) makes it easy to transform any cabinet into a wine rack! Of course, this design can also store other things in a stylish way. Use it to hold your rolling pins, water bottles, large kitchen utensils, plants and more!

These are just a few examples of ways you can personalize your kitchen without undergoing a complete renovation. Browse our full selection of components and become inspired to make your dream a reality! Our helpful customer service team is ready to assist with any questions you may have via chat or phone (800-849-8876).

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