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Bed Loft Design using Osborne Island Legs

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Adding storage space in a bed room can be a challenge. Adding storage space that looks “cool” can be an even bigger challenge! Today, let’s check out a bedroom design from the Wood Wizard, Steve J.This design not only accomplishes a storage space, but a unique design with a “cool” factor!

Steve ordered 4 of Osborne’s Extended Tybee Island Legs (Part #1559) in our paint grade – soft maple. The legs were finished white to match the rest of the bedroom. Steve trusted these four, solid, island legs to attach the bed over an incredible desk area. There are stairs leading up to the bed on the far right of the desk area. Each step also acts as a drawer! Amazing work Steve! Thank you for sharing with us!

The possibilities of Osborne Island Legs are endless! Share your design with us by attaching a photo and short description to our share your project page!

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