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Kitchen Island Collides with Elegance, and the Result is Breathtaking!

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Anyone with eyes will acknowledge that our friends over at VintageCrushin on Instagram have created one of the most elegant islands we have seen! The monochrome white colors combine with the gleaming stone and high style of the island legs to produce a lovely kitchen furnishing that comes in handy for extra counter space, staging for big meals, and convenient storage.

When VintageCrushin realized they had some extra stone from their kitchen construction, they wanted to see if there was just enough space in the middle of the kitchen to conveniently place a narrow island. After testing the space with a small table, they realized that an island could just fit. Having used Osborne’s larger Wilmington legs in a nearby part of their kitchen, they wanted to carry over the theme with the same profile, just a bit narrower. They ordered 4 of our 4″ wide Wilmington Kitchen Island Legs (Part 1443) and soon after receiving them, they were busy adding skirtboards and corner braces to craft this beauty for their deluxe kitchen.

Big thumbs up to VintageCrushin for one of the best and prettiest DIY islands we have seen. They definitely built something beautiful, and you can too with Osborne’s huge selection of quality products.

Osborne Wood Products, Inc. carries a wide variety of kitchen island legs. Standing 34 1/2″, 35 1/2″ and 40 1/2″ tall, these legs can be applied to a cabinet face or stand alone to support a countertop, peninsula or center kitchen island. Styles including traditional, reeded, twisted, contemporary, and Mission, Arts and Crafts, and are all hand crafted, emphasizing the sharp detail of the various designs available.

Osborne’s posts are sanded to 150 grit and hand inspected several times prior to shipping in order to provide superior quality and ensure that your island legs are ready for you to begin work the minute you receive them. Kitchen Island Legs can also be used on raised tables, which are popular in eating areas in the kitchen.

Build Something Beautiful with Osborne’s island legs, and remember to send us a photo of your DIY creations so we can show it off to all of our customers!


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