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Table Slide Hidden in Unique Sliding Trestle Table

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We were so excited to see the clever construction of this trestle table that cleverly hides a table slide inside the stretcher that joins the two trestles. When the table is closed, the exposed table slide is not visible, but as the table is opened to insert table leaves, the hidden table slide comes slowly into view. Our friend Mark at Karnes Woodworking in Elk Grove, CA had fun designing this table to all of the specifications of his client, and even though it was his first extension table, we think he did a masterful job. Not only did he design a beautiful table but he learned a lot along the way.

In order to make a trestle table (with a fixed base) expandable, an equalizer table slide is used so that only the table top opens, leaving the trestle bases fixed in place. But Mark found a way to make the base move with the rest of the table by building a pocket stretcher that moves when the table opens–fascinating! The 48″ long oval can expand to 72″ by inserting 2 twelve inch leaves. Mark used an equalizer slide with gears that provide strong support, as well as alignment pins and table locks that secure the opening of the table. The bright white of the base contrasts very nicely with the dark top, and the matching colors on the stools and benches make the ensemble complete!

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