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Osborne Customer Service Trained in All Areas

Osborne Company News

Here at Osborne Wood Products, we pride ourselves on being the most innovative when it comes to the wooden furniture components that we offer. We ensure that our customer service team is continually trained on best practices for not only customer service but how our products are manufactured and the different application options for our items. Over the past week, our customer service department has learned about our shipping procedures and how our skirt kits are created.

During these training sessions, our customer service department walked through the process with some of our team members and watched as they created the skirt kit or packaged up items for transit. Each customer service representative watched intently as the process was shown and asked questions relating to the process to ensure they knew exactly what was happening.


On Wednesday, September 20, Russell showed the team how to create one of our skirt kits. This is a very in-depth process which took approximately 30 minutes to complete. Russell walked the customer service team through each step with precision as he showed them how to cut a skirt board to size, create pocket holes, mill the skirt and the leg, and install bolts into the leg. Once everything was created, a dry fit was done to ensure that everything was made correctly.

On Wednesday, September 27, Nathan took the time to show our customer service department how our items are packaged for transit. Different sized items require different boxes such as our molding, 5″ wide table legs, 3″ wide table legs, and smaller items such as our appliques and miniature corbels. It was a wonderful learning experience for our customer service department as they walked through the process with skilled team members.

Osborne Wood Products, Inc. is a manufacturer and supplier of unfinished wooden furniture and kitchen components. With thousands of products available, they have engaged in trade with the United States, Canada, and many customers worldwide since 1979.

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