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The Osborne Commitment

Osborne Company News

Osborne Wood Products, Inc. has a long tradition of community involvement. Our connections with our community range from paying our associates to mentor students, providing inspirational speakers to classes in the local schools, providing funds to support groups to help those who have to try a little harder as well as working with other employers to make our community a better place to support a family. Our employees give their time to help parolees learn skills to help them reenter the work force.


At Osborne Wood Products we believe in the importance of sustainability. Wood products are naturally a renewable product and we are committed to investing in suppliers that value sustainability and earth friendly practices. We also take steps to practice green habits, such as recycling materials. When we expanded our facility, we invested in finding eco-friendly ways to build. We used sheet rock, paints, timber, and carpeting that were low (or no, in some cases) Volatile Organic Compounds (V.O.C.). We used blown in cellulose insulation, which was made from recycled materials, for fiberglass free insulation. Also, the carpeting and the sound proofing fabric used in some office space were made from recycled materials, as well. In shipping, our team takes cardboard and recycles it into packing material with a specialized machine.

Boys and Girls Club

In addition to the importance of green business practices, we also believe that sustainability is investing in our community, our employees and our customers. Many Osborne employees are passionate about mentoring students and can spend an hour and a half each week meeting with students to mentor and invest in their lives while getting paid. Osborne supports the local Special Olympics, the Boys and Girls club, local scouting troops and our local pregnancy crisis support center, Toccoa Life. Investing in things such as these is the heartbeat of Osborne Wood Products.

Here at Osborne Wood Products, we also believe in investing in a relationship with you, our customer. We believe in offering outstanding customer care so that when you call, you are speaking to someone who cares about you and your needs. Our Customer Care Representatives are passionate about continued learning about our products so that they are better equipped to help you with your unique project needs.

Our commitment to offering meaningful work with a focus on investing in the community is a long-standing tradition and we are grateful that you have partnered with us. We have had the privilege of working with you on many creative projects and your partnership with us had enabled us to invest in the lives of others.

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