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Tapered Table Legs Perfect for Custom Side Table

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There is an elegant simplicity in the square legs offered at Osborne Wood Products. From the square table legs, to the two and four sided taper legs, the modern appeal make these style legs the perfect choice for any table design.

Tom T. of Taylor Painting & Studio in New York recently purchased four of the Osborne Four Sided Tapered Dining Table Legs (Part #1180) in soft maple. Tom cut the legs down slightly to add just the right height to the custom side table he is creating.

Tom told us that, “My order arrived fast & safe, I’m very impressed! I do a good deal of custom cabinet work and will be looking to expand what I can offer clients in the form of custom designed pieces, and now I have Osborne Wood as a resource. I cut the legs down a few inches for this custom side table.My clients are happy, I am happy, I hope to do this again soon.”

We’re glad you found us Tom! We look forward to working with you again soon. Thank you for sharing your project with us!

Are you looking for a modern or transitional style leg to match any room? Why not take a look at Osborne’s square, tapered, and square turned style (such as the Square Farm Dining Table Leg, Part #1141) legs? These simple, yet elegant style table and island legs offer the perfect match for your kitchen or living space design.

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