Build Your Own Farmhouse Table!

Build Your Own Farmhouse Table

Farmhouse tables are getting their moment in the spotlight right now, and for good reason! This style of table was common in the 19th century and typically used for sorting produce. Traditionally built by farmers for their own homes from inexpensive and readily available wood, these pieces are now valued for their unique appearance and sturdy foundation.

These tables are most commonly built using table legs 3″ to 5″ thick and feature a table apron running between the tops of the legs as additional support. Many of these tables also feature breadboard ends, which adds character to the piece.

The most common finishing style for farmhouse tables? The tops are stained to show off the wood’s grain and character, while the legs and apron are painted. The most common paint colors we’ve seen are black and white, though occasionally we’ll see a table with a fun pop of color!

Nowadays, farmhouse tables are built using pine or oak, as well as reclaimed or weathered woods, as these options give farmhouse dining tables their signature, well-loved appearance.

As for seating, the most popular addition to a farmhouse table is a farmhouse bench with matching legs! These tables are often paired with at least one bench and a collection of country-style chairs painted in a matching color.

Ready to build a farmhouse table of your own? It’s as easy as Pick, Click, Done! Our table base kit builder will help you choose legs and create custom skirting perfectly suited for the table top size you want, and will include everything you need to build and put together your table’s base. Best of all, you can also use this kit builder to build those matching bench kits, too.

If you don’t want to build a custom table or bench top, we can help you there, too! We offer several stock table top options, and we can also custom make tops to your specifications. (Please note that any table or bench tops exceeding 64″ long must ship via LTL freight.)

If you’re not quite ready to build your table, you can also browse our Pinterest board Dining Table Design Ideas to gather inspiration for your project. You can also watch one of our Builder's Studio videos below where we demonstrate the process of building a farmhouse coffee table!

At Osborne Wood Products, we are ready to help you make your dream farmhouse dining table ensemble a reality. With table legs in dozens of styles and multiple different wood types, plus endless customization options, there is sure to be a dining table and bench leg solution for you. Customize your table base kit or for more in-depth customizations, contact us for a quote by either filling out our form or emailing [email protected]. Let us help you Build Something Beautiful today.

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