Builder's Studio: Bistro Table Build

In this episode of Builder's Studio, Sara shows you how to build a DIY bistro or cafe-style table with the Contemporary Bistro Pedestal from Osborne Wood Products. This stunning metal table base can be used to create a small dining table for your home or restaurant. It has a modern profile with a flat black finish that accentuates a wide range of decor. Attach the table top of your choice and you have a beautiful piece that was simple to build.

Assembly Instructions

Overall Dimensions: 29 ¼ “ x 36”


  • Contemporary Bistro Pedestal Base (Part #102270)
    • Top Plate: 11.8125” across

    • Center Post: 27 ⅝“ height

    • Bottom Plate: 21” diameter

  • Assembly hardware (bolts/washers)

  • Attachment screws (please note these may need to be substituted depending on the thickness of our table top)

  • Allen keys (small and large)

You will need:

  • Tabletop (we used a 36” spruce top)

  • L Square Ruler

  • Proper safety equipment

  • Writing utensil

  • Drill or drill press


  1. Mark out the centerpoint on the underside of the chosen tabletop. Take the L Square ruler and align the shorter side to the edge of the tabletop. The bottom corners of the ruler’s short side should be flush with the edge of the tabletop. Draw a line (known as a cord) along the bottom side of the ruler, and find the centerpoint of the line. Then, mark a perpendicular line from the cord that goes a bit past the assumed centerpoint.

  2. Repeat Step 1 in 3-4 different locations to ensure that the perpendicular lines will give a solid centerpoint after they bisect in the middle.

  3. Next, take the top plate of the base kit and place it against the underside of the table top and make sure it is aligned with the centerpoint. Then, take a pen and mark out where the screw holes are located. NOTE: Before starting to assemble the pedestal kit, make sure you have made all of your marks and that your tabletop is finished. A finished top will allow you to sand off the lines and still have your marked attachment points visible after the base is assembled.

  4. Attach the top plate to the center post by screwing in three washers with the larger Allen key.

  5. Next, attach the base. This step could require assistance since the base is heavy. Align the center of the base to the center of the post. There will be three holes in the center where you should place the bolts. Screw in the bolts with an Allen Key.

  6. Align the pedestal center to the marked holes on the tabletop and then begin attaching them. Place the bolts inside each screw hole and use a drill to screw them in. NOTE: Before attaching the tabletop, double check screws and thickness of tabletop to ensure that the screws won’t protrude from the top of the tabletop after installation.

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