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Carved Wood Swags

5″ x 12″ x  34

Laurel Swag

Part #891812
$28.70 - $51.80
6 516″ x 14 38″ x 1 316

Rose Swag

Part #891811
$52.71 - $85.63
6″ x 16″ x 1″

Large Grape Swag

Part #891977
$33.01 - $53.64
6″ x 16″ x 1 38

Large Floral Swag

Part #891843
$33.01 - $53.64
4 12″ x 12″ x 1 14

Small Floral Swag

Part #891844
$24.90 - $40.48
12″ x 4 12″ x  78

Carved Grape Swag

Part #891976
$25.44 - $40.48

Carved Wood Swags for Cabinets and Furniture

The Bendix Collection offers a wide variety of onlays and swags for traditional, ornate, and shaker style designs. The swags that are offered in this collection are made with the homeowner and contractor in mind as they are easy to coordinate with and install. The gorgeous designs that are included are sure to fit into your home perfectly. Ideal for adding detail to your cabinetry and furniture, these Carved Wooden Swags will be simply gorgeous in your new and improved project. These swags offer a wide range of possibilities to your home’s design.

Swags can be used in kitchen design, furniture application, and even for decoration on walls. The intricate designs of these gorgeous pieces are simply breathtaking and are sure to make your project stand out. They can be used amongst shaker, traditional, or ornate styles and will complete the design you are looking for. Browse our collection and imagine the tradition of elegance these items will bring to your new and improved design.

These Carved Wooden Swags can be applied by attaching them to the surface of your furniture or cabinetry with wood glue. For instance, the Rose Swag, part # 891811, would be a gorgeous addition to cabinetry or a vanity. Simply attach this breathtaking onlay to your cabinets surface to renew the old glory that it once had and make it look like a new piece of art! Perhaps the Large Grape Swag, part # 891977, would fit your style more. Whatever design you’re looking for, the Bendix Collection of Carved Wood Swags is sure to have something to match. With 4 different wood types available for these wonderful swags, you are sure to find the perfect match for your furniture and cabinetry designs. Browse our collection now and imagine what beauty and elegance you could bring to your home!