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Cherry Legs

Available as one of our premium wood types, cherry legs provide strong and serviceable support to furniture and cabinetwork with a capacity for high finish that is hard to beat.  These legs will finish out in color tones ranging from an identifiable red to faded pink.  As the turned legs are manufactured from assembled wood the end result might show interesting color variations unique to that particular piece.  Cherry legs provide beautiful support for higher pieces such as dining tables where the tone of the wood can be easily admired.  Cherry legs are also an attractive choice in our vanity leg category. 

Aside from tables and vanities, these legs may be scherry wood island legselected for use on seating pieces such as chairs or stools in addition to serving nicely on end tables or coffee tables.  Pieces destined for use in a bedroom are also attractive with cherry legs where bedsteads or bedside tables may be custom made.   We offer cherry as a wood choice on designs from any of our leg lines.  Legs from our island legs and island posts categories provide the perfect coordinate to cherry cabinet work. 

Cherry legs are also available in our dining table, end table, and coffee table leg categories.   We also offer cherry legs in our cabinet and furniture feet categories.   Furthermore, we will be glad to assist you with producing legs of your own design and specifications in addition to altering one of our existing designs to meet your particular needs.  
When conventionally finished in a manner where the air can reach the wood, cherry legs will age over time and gently fade into warmer tones.  It is this aging with time that causes antique cherry furniture to command high prices.  So it might be said that cherry legs could appreciate in value over time.  As a side note: although you would not want to put cherry legs on a piece made of a different type of wood, it is not necessary to furnish a room entirely in a single species.  It is, in fact, desirable to mix woods within a room.  Of course, you would not want to mix your kitchen cabinet woods in this manner but the same effect is achieved in a kitchen by creating the island design independent of the perimeter cabinet design.


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