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  1. Fusion Furniture Feet

    Fusion Furniture Feet
  2. Fusion Island and Table Legs

    Copy of Ski Design Fusion Loft After
  3. Fusion Corbels

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Osborne Wood Products has a stunning collection of fusion designs that combine wood with metal or acrylic elements. These unique components can be used in contemporary, modern, transitional, eclectic and even industrial-styled homes. We continue to add fusion products to our inventory so you can find the perfect piece for your build.

Among the fusion collection you will find an assortment of fusion furniture feet that feature a primarily wooden profile with a metal or acrylic accent piece. This harmonious combination of various materials adds unique character to any room. Most of our designs use a ferrule or sleeve to achieve a stunning combination. We offer similar designs in our fusion island and table leg selection. This selection of table legs accommodates anything from coffee tables to kitchen islands. With so many sizes and profiles to choose from, it is easy to create complementary furniture builds that can be placed throughout your entire home.

We also have a selection of fusion corbels that can be used to complement your decor or as impressive components of your overall design. All of our fusion products are available in several wood types, depending on your preference or build specifications. All of the wooden components are sanded to 150 grit and left unfinished so that you can add your choice of paint or stain to the exterior of the piece. Certain metal accents are offered in various finishes so you can choose the one most suitable to your decor. Regardless of your design goal, our extensive selection is sure to include the perfect fit for your next project.

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