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Fusion Corbels

Osborne Wood Products boasts a vast inventory of corbels and brackets with support and style in mind. Corbels were originally created to provide support for overhangs. As interior design has developed over the years, they have transformed into decorative components that can be used within the home to add extra dimension and character. You can definitely see the decorative role that corbels play in modern homes within our fusion corbel selection. The stunning metal accents provide a subtle, yet definitive touch without overpowering the overall design. You can use fusion corbels to accentuate other decor or as focal points within the room.

Our fusion corbels and brackets display a harmonious combination of wood and metal. Each corbel has a wooden profile but has been creatively designed to feature metal accents, whether they are simple additions to the wooden edges as seen in the Industrial Style Bracket, or intricate patterns displayed in a decorative opening. These sleek designs are simple enough that they are not overpowering and complement a wide range of styles.

Our fusion corbels feature metal accents that have a flat black finish. The wooden profile is offered in a variety of wood species, including paint-grade options. The wood is sanded to 150 grit and left unfinished so that you can apply your own custom finishing touch to the piece. You can combine similar designs, such as our fusion corbels with our fusion island and table legs, for beautiful complementary sets. These fusion designs are perfect for contemporary, modern, transitional, eclectic or industrial designs but the possibilities are endless!

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