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Fusion Island and Table Legs

Fusion designs can be used to enhance a variety of interior design themes such as contemporary, modern, transitional, eclectic and industrial. Osborne Wood Products realizes the growing popularity of fusion pieces and continues to expand their inventory of fusion island and table legs. These stylish table legs are available in a range of sizes that can accommodate anything from coffee tables to kitchen islands. Similar designs can even be combined to create stunning complementary sets for your living room or kitchen.

Our fusion line initially focused on combining wood with beautiful metal accents and we have an impressive selection of these fusion designs. Our dining table legs and kitchen island legs vary from the simple, square profile of the Weston Fusion Leg (available in numerous heights and widths) to the uniquely-carved Fairview Modern Table Leg (also available with an acrylic foot). Both of these designs feature metal bases that are available in up to 5 different finishes, depending on your preference. The wooden legs are available in several wood species and are sanded to 150 grit for easy finishing or painting. With so many customization options, you are bound to find the perfect piece for your next project.

We have also added numerous fusion legs that combine wood with stunning acrylic features. The flawless transition between wood and acrylic creates a unique harmony that is not often seen within furniture design. If you are interested in introducing more acrylic accents to your home, check out our acrylic collection of furniture feet, island legs and table legs.

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