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Embossed Moulding

 1116″ x  38″ x 96″

Embossed Egg and Dart Moulding

Part #891433
 34″ x  316″ x 96″

Embossed Wood Moulding

Part #891494
1 38″ x  516″ x 96″

Embossed Loop Moulding

Part #891466
1 12″ x  38″ x 96″

Embossed Thatch Moulding

Part #891457
1 14″ x  58″ x 96″

Embossed Egg & Dart Moulding

Part #891434
 34″ x  38″ x 96″

Embossed Pine Moulding

Part #891439
96″ x 1 38″ x  38

Embossed Swirl Wood Moulding

Part #8911483
 12″ x  316″ x 96″

Embossed Wood Moulding

Part #891477
1″ x  38″ x 96″

Embossed Leaf Moulding

Part #891440
 58″ x  516″ x 96″

Embossed Astragal Moulding

Part #891432

Embossed Moulding

Embossed Molding offers a new and improved look to your home. With an intriguing yet beautiful look, these amazing pieces will make your projects stand out more than ever. With a darkened, almost glossy look, these beautiful moldings will add an extra dimension to your new design. Unlike most moldings, embossed moldings are run under a hot design press which adds an extra touch of dark browns to make the design of the molding stand out even more. This causes an extra dimension and extra detail that most other moldings cannot provide.

Because of the embossing process, embossed moldings are great to be stained so that the darker parts of the molding stand out more. Most are made out of pine, which gives it a natural golden color that is enhanced by the heat rolled design. The beautiful look of these would be perfect for your furniture designs, cabinetry upgrades, or even as wall trim as they are simply breathtaking in every sense of the word.

Easy to install and perfect for the home, these moldings are perfect for the homeowner and contractor to use. If you’re looking for a simple design to add just a small touch, try our part number 891461, the Embossed Bamboo (Pattern) Moulding which will create an oriental feel throughout your home. Maybe you need something to dress up your old armoire. Try our part number 891466, the Embossed Loop Moulding or even our part number 891494, the Embossed Wood Molding which will make most anything stand out. Whatever you are looking for and however you choose to use it, the Bendix Collection of Embossed Moldings is sure to have what you’re looking for. Check out the Embossed Molding collection by Bendix now!