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Frequently Asked Questions


Product Information


How do I know if wood is the right material for me?

Read our blog post featuring 5 reasons why wood is the ideal eco-friendly building material.


What are the design elements of a leg?

See our blog post all about what makes a table leg to learn about the various design elements.


I’m making my own dining room table. How big should it be to fit 2/4/6/8+ people?

See our blog post here that discusses tips on organizing your dining room, how much room a person needs, and table size & seating capacity.


How do I know what size screws to use to attach my table top?

See our blog post about attaching table tops with the correct size screws here.


How do I Install Corbels and Brackets?

See our blog post on how to install corbels and brackets here.


How do I attach my table top to my Osborne Pedestal Kit?

See our blog post on how to connect your pedestal kit to your table top here.


How do I make my Pedestal Kit taller?

See our blog post on extending a pedestal kit to 29” tall here.


How big can a table top be to use with your pedestal base kit? 

We recommend that the size of the table top used with our pedestal kits not exceed double the base of the kit. For example, if the pedestal base size is 34”, the table top must not exceed 68” 


How do I choose a table slide?

See our Table Slide Page for additional details.


How do I install my Equalizer Table Slides?

See our blog post on how to install equalizer slides for pedestal tables here.


How do I install my Standard Table Slides?

See our blog post on how to install standard slides for four-legged tables here.


My table slides come as a left and right pair. How do I know which side to put them on? 

It doesn’t actually matter what side you put them on, it is more for our reference to make sure you get two different sides of the slides. 


How can I attach furniture and bun feet to my project? 

There are quite a few different methods of attaching them. You could use screw dowels, hanger bolts, angled plates, straight top plates, angled cleats or straight cleats. However, every project is different and you just need to figure out what way is best suited for your project needs. 


What is the difference between a square turning blank and a square leg? 

Square legs are sanded to the point of being ready to finish. Square turning blanks are not sanded or ready to finish. 


What is the hardest wood type Osborne offers?

We offer a sizable selection of hard woods. You can take a look at the Janka wood density test and see how all the wood types we offer compare to one another.


Are your products kiln dried?

Yes, all of our wood is kiln dried prior to being made into our various products.


How soon do my wood parts need to be finished?

We recommend that every product shipped should be inspected and finished upon receiving it. For more information, check out our blog post here.


Do we offer finishing for our products? 

We do not offer finished products-all of our products are unfinished and sanded to 150 grit. 


Are our products for outdoor use?

Our Products are designed for indoor use only. We offer Exterior Glue as a service which can be used as an option for laminates that are being used outside. However, we cannot guarantee the longevity or structural stability of your exterior components. These wood types will withstand outdoor use the best: Mahogany, Cypress, and Western Cedar.  


How much weight can our products hold? 

We do not do any kind of weight testing on our products, because wood is so dynamic. The weight limits can very a lot even within the same wood type. For more drastic and heavier items, we do recommend a wider leg for more support and stability.


How can I find out if a product is in stock? 

Please call us at 1-800-849-8876 or use the chat feature in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen to see if we have the item in stock. 


Project instructions


How to Assemble Osborne Table Kits

See our table kit assembly video on our blog for more information.


How to Construct a Mission Style Coffee Table

See our blog post on constructing a Mission style coffee table here.


How to Connect your Pedestal Kit to your Table Top 

See our blog post on connecting a pedestal kit to your table top here.


How to Build a Double Pedestal Table

See our blog post on building a double pedestal table here.


How to Install Standard Table Slides 

See our blog post on installing standard table slides here.


How to Install Equalizer Slides for Pedestal Tables 

See our blog post on installing equalizer slides here.


How to Install Standard Equalizer Slides on a 5-legged Table

You can watch the instructional video on installing standard equalizing slides for 5-legged standard tables here.


How to Assemble the Journeyman Pedestal Base Kit 

You can read and download the instructions for the Journeyman pedestal base here.


How to Assemble the Timeless Trestle Base 

You can watch the instructional video on assembling the Timeless trestle base here.


How to Assemble the Industrial Chain Table 

You can read the instructions for the Industrial chain table here.


How to Install the Barn Door Hardware

You can read and download the instructions for installing barn door hardware here.


How to Make a Shelf with Corbels

You can read the instructions for making a shelf with corbels on our installation page here.


How to Use Table Top Fasteners 

You can read the instructions for using table top fasteners here.


How to Install a Threaded Insert into your Wood Furniture 

You can read the instructions for installing threaded inserts here.


How to Use Light Rail Moulding 

You can read the instructions for using light rail moulding here.


How to Make a Headboard for a Pencil Post Bed

You can read the instructions on making a headboard for a pencil post bed here.


Shipping Questions


Does Osborne Wood Products, Inc. service international destinations?

Yes. Canadian orders can be placed directly through our website. All other international orders may be placed by our customer service team. Please call us at 800-849-8876


What are my shipping options?

For most US addresses we offer Ground, Third Day Air, Second Day Air, and Next Day Air. We also offer LTL freight for large orders. 


How are my shipping and handling charges calculated?

Shipping costs are calculated by weight from live quotes from the shipping companies. Handling charges will apply.


How long does a package take to arrive at its destination?

We ship all orders within three business days for items we have in stock. Also, please note that while we will make every effort to get your packages to you by your desired date, we cannot guarantee the timely arrival of your package.  To reduce the possibility of the late arrival of a shipment, shop early!


Does "Next Day Air" get there the next day?

It depends on the day the order ships. Our shipping department closes at 5pm EST Monday through Friday. Additionally, shipping companies only count working days. So, if you order Friday and request Next Day Air shipping, you will receive your package on Monday. For some locations, Saturday delivery may be an additional service option that can be added by our customer service team. Please call us at 800-849-8876 to discuss your order.


Is Saturday delivery an option? 

In many cases, a package can be delivered on Saturday depending on the shipping method. Please give us a call at 1-800-8876 to see if this is an option available for your area. 


Does Osborne Wood Products, Inc. service APO and FPO addresses?

All shipping methods are available to APO and FPO addresses. However, delivery times may vary significantly from indicated times.


Does Osborne Wood Products, Inc. ship to PO boxes?

Yes, via US Mail.  Please call us at 800-849-8876 to ship your package via US Mail to a PO Box.


Can I ship my order to multiple addresses?

No. You can specify one "ship to" address per order. If you need to send items to multiple addresses, please order separately for each address.


Can I ship my order to an address other than my billing address?

Yes. The order form provides a space for a different shipping address, but it is not required.


Can I ship my order using multiple shipping methods?

No. If you would like to select different shipping methods for different products, please place separate orders.


How can I check the status of my order?

When your order ships, we will e-mail you the tracking number. If you want to check on it before that, you may view the orders page, call us at 800-849-8876, or email us.


Other Questions


What is the minimum order size?

We have no minimum. You may order as few or as many of each product as you like.


Does Osborne do custom jobs?

Yes. You may request a quote online, or call us at 800-849-8876.


How long do these prices last?

Due to the unpredictability of lumber costs our prices are subject to change without notice.


Are hard wood squares laminated or solid?

We purchase solid squares whenever we can. We have found that it is difficult (if not impossible) to get most squares as solids thicker than 2 3/4 in. We are not able to get solids thicker than 1 3/4 in. with materials like Walnut, Red Birch and Alder.

So, if your project requires a solid square, please call us (800-849-8876) about the specific item and wood type and we will check into it for you. For more information, check out our Laminate Wood Products page.


Are Cherry legs completely red or is there some sap wood?

Our Cherry wood has approximately 20% sap. If you want us to custom make a turning in sap free cherry, please call us at 800-849-8876 or request a quote online.


What is the guarantee?

Please go to our Terms & Conditions Page for this information.


How long has Osborne Wood Products, Inc been in business?

We have been in business since 1979.


Where can I apply for a job with Osborne Wood Products Inc.?

Go to our Application Page.


Can I suggest a question for this list?

Yes. Send an email and reference our FAQ page.