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Finished Furniture Components

6 12″ x 5 34

Corner Carved Sofa Legs with Walnut Finish

Part #40404
3 34″ x 5 18

Couch Legs with Walnut Finish

Part #40403
6″ x 4 14

Sofa Feet with bolt with Dark Walnut Finish

Part #40402
4 12″ x 4″

Square Couch Feet with bolt with Light Cherry Finish

Part #40401
5″ x 3 34

Square Sofa Legs with bolt with Dark Finish

Part #40400

                    Finished furniture components are an excellent solution to updating furniture pieces quickly. These feet install very quickly with the pre-                           inserted bolt.All you need to do is take the feet out of the box and simply twist them into the threaded inserts on your furniture. They are strong and sturdy, greatfor complimenting your furniture that just needs a detailed style to complete.