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Furniture Components

solid wood table tops

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Knobs & Pulls

Walnut Drawer PullThis lovely collection began with our classic Acanthus Leaf Pull, with the wooden pull being smooth in the center, but both ends are a full acanthus leaf. The small round Acanthus knob has a delicate acanthus design on its surface, as well. The collection now includes our Basket Weave Pull and Knob- which is an incredible example of hand carving expertise - with its intricate woven detail, as well as our Traditional Knob and Pull and Mission Style Knob and Pull. The smooth surfaced Traditional Knob will go well with the Acanthus Pull as well as the Basket Weave. These beautiful accents are available in ten wood types.


Table Extension Slides

Table Slides for a pedestal tableWhen extending a table it is important to have the right hardware for the job. A high quality wooden slide from Osborne is the perfect fit for a wide range of table sizes and styles. Two specific types of table slides are offered, giving you the options you need to make the table of your dreams. The standard table slide, used for opening and extending standard four leg tables, consists of a series of parallel boards that are able to slide back and forth on smooth joinery with a male and female butterfly notch. Tabletops that are supported on a single pedestal require an equalizer slide that incorporates a rack and pinion system to ensure that the tops open and close easily while staying in balance. Browse our range of table slides to complete your design today!


Bed Posts

Pencil Bed PostWhether building a bed from the ground up, or replacing an old frame with a sturdy wooden structure, Osborne bed posts are a great option for your design. With several styles and sizes, bed posts are structurally designed with unique detailing. Ranging from cannon ball posts to the sleek and simple pencil post, Osborne bed posts are available in ten different wood types. Starting building your dream bed today! Find out how to Build a Pencil Post Bed Here!


Toppers & Finials

Finials and Toppers for FurnitureToppers and finials are both pieces frequently used in furniture design. As an architectural device, finials and toppers were originally carved in stone to emphasize and adorn the tops, ends, or corners of a building or structure. Today, these ornamental pieces come in various materials including wood. Wooden toppers and finials finish off the tops of furniture pieces such as bed posts, fences, and various furniture pieces. Osborne offers a wide variety of sizes and styles of finials and toppers to add just the right finish to your next design!


About Furniture Components

In addition to your typical furniture pieces such as table legs and brackets, Osborne has expanded the selection to include decorative furniture components to add that extra touch of detail to the design.

Knobs and Pulls offer a unique, hand carved charm that are both intriguing and eye catching. Carved Ceiling Medallions lure in spectators as they capture light and shadow on ceilings of all sizes. Toppers and finials add charisma and attraction to once ordinary posts. With each piece, the added elements of design increase the overall value and appearance of the project at hand.

Bed posts increase appeal and add strength to the design. Table extension slides add just the right strength and durability to give your table the ability to expand and close for various circumstances and conditions. Whether adding the extra detail, functionality, or both, furniture components are a perfect addition to any project or design.