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Flat Carved Moulding

1 12″ x  14″ x 96″

Flat Fluted Moulding

Part #8991122
1″ x  316″ x 48″

Carved Wood Moulding 4ft

Part #891730
1″ x  14″ x 48″

Carved Wood Moulding 4ft

Part #891710
1″ x  12″ x 96″

Basket Weave Chair Rail

Part #891923
$41.98 - $60.66
Part #7402
$128.26 - $228.00
Part #7410
$173.39 - $334.70
Part #7412
$173.39 - $334.70
Part #7400
$105.84 - $246.03

About Hand Carved Molding

Hand carved molding, in its beautifully life-like detail, brings its surroundings to life. When properly paired, applied moldings do not look applied at all! Instead, they seem to have emerged from the cabinetry or shelving, patiently drawn out by the chisel of a master craftsman. Carved moldings add a timeless and artistic air to any setting in which they are placed.

Painstakingly hand carved in delicate detail, the unfinished carved moldings available at Osborne Wood Products are the perfect way to finish out a great design with style and grace. Osborne moldings are available for the discerning designer with flexibility in design and size in mind. Many of these pieces are available in a large size (3 1/2 inches wide) and a small size (1 3/4 inches wide), all available with the same striking detail in pieces that are 96 inches long. Additionally, most styles are available in ten types of wood, including the ever popular selections of Cherry, Hard Maple, Alder, Red Oak, and paint grade Rubberwood, giving you the versatility needed to work in the wood type of your choice.

Grape molding, basket weave molding, and acanthus leaf molding all bear a striking resemblance to Greco Roman low-relief style carving. Impressive and stately, they add the grace of that era and subtly accent the design in which they are placed. Low relief carving brings with it an air of antiquity; adding to the stability of the theme. Another style seen in the Osborne line, however, is evident in the grape vine molding. Looking as though a real grape vine, with its delicate vines and leaves, twist and turn along the 96 inch length; punctuated here and there by lifelike bunches of grapes, carved so intricately that they appear fully round. A plethora of possibilities await in these beautifully carved pieces.