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Company History

The Beginning - 1979

Leon and Janice Osborne started manufacturing and selling wooden items through a local Country Co-op. The business was located in a garage in Toccoa Georgia and was named Osborne Wood Products, Inc.

A Supplier of Table Legs - 1989

While in the sub-contract furniture industry Osborne realized the need to develop their own product line. After identifying a need for furniture parts in small quantities, Osborne started manufacturing table legs and pedestals, while still providing furniture for many local companies.

A Supplier of Island Legs - 1993

Leon noticed taller table legs used in kitchen cabinetry and started offering posts at 34 1/2 inches tall. This new development, along with a national magazine advertising campaign, introduced Osborne to cabinet makers across America.

The Fire - 1994

The shop was hit by lightning, which resulted in a fire that consumed 95% of the facility. The associates of Osborne Wood Products decided together to press on and rebuild the company. Local businesses and townspeople came to the support of Osborne, offering warehouse space, supplies, even use of a hydro-copy lathe. Suppliers extended longer terms and an understanding attitude. Business was back to normal (and growing) in less than a year. - 1998 was designed, developed, and released. Within two years the site had become a fully operational e-commerce site, where customers could order any part of the Osborne product line.

Carved Cabinet Components Introduced - 2003

The first corbels were produced by a leading carving company. These products were warmly received by customers and quickly led to an expanding line of carvings, including acanthus leaf, grape, basket weave, and more.

The Fitness Center - 2004

After years of dreaming and months of planning, Osborne Wood Products had a gymnasium erected behind the shop, complete with an aerobics room, racquetball court, weight room, and a full basketball court. This was done in a continuing effort to enhance the health and wellbeing of Osborne employees.

Lean Management - 2006

Lean Management took Osborne by storm when Leon Osborne initiated consultation from Georgia Tech University, in order to make the facility more efficient. Processes were revamped and the shop was rearranged completely, while lead time and cost were greatly reduced. To this day Osborne and its employees are constantly involved with lean management

Showstopper Award - 2007

Osborne was presented with the Showstopper award for show booth design excellence presented by Association of Woodworking & Furnishings Suppliers (AWFS)

The Green Addition - 2008

The Osborne plant expanded yet again, this time to accommodate brand new front offices. The entire office addition was built with the environment in mind. Recycled material was used where ever possible (ceiling tiles, carpet, insulation, etc.) along with low to no VOC paint, carpeting, and insulation. Energy saving windows were installed and the stone facade was created using non-quarried field stone.

Osborne was nominated for Manufacturer of the Year in Stephens County and also recognized for participation in Project Playhouse by HomeAid Atlanta. 

Full Table Kit Production - 2012

The mass customization of full table kits began. Stemming from the popular custom table base kits; Osborne made available full table kits including: legs, apron, hardware and table top. Tables of all styles and sizes are now available at Osborne.

Furniture Kit Addition - 2012

Furthering the mass production of kits, Osborne added various furniture kits to the product catalog. Chair kits became available, along with a full free standing island kit. Finishing kits were also added to the product line, allowing customers a professional grade do-it-yourself finish.

Osborne was presented an appreciation award for work-based learning from Stephens County High School. Through this program, high school students are provided an opportunity to work at local businesses to further their academic and technical strengths.

Front Line Leadership Award - 2014

Osborne Vice President, Christian Smedberg, was awarded the Front Line Leadership award by the Georgia Manufacturers Association. This award is given to individuals who 'drive the state's manufacturing industry.' Smedberg was nominated based on his successes in innovation, teamwork, community service, and leadership. CEO Leon Osborne commented, "Christian has been a leader that has understood our processes and empowered others in implementing these processes to create a rewarding and effective work place."

Bendix Acquisition - 2015

In December of 2015 Osborne Wood Products aquired the assets of Bendix Architectural Products, formerly of Passaic, NJ. This acquistion allows Osborne to serve its current and new customer base with an extensive product line to meet their wood component needs. Adding hundred of products to the existing Osborne Line, Osborne created the Bendix Collection. This collection became available online for the first time in history, allowing customers all over the world access to the quality carved product line.

Osborne also received many prestigious awards in 2015. Osborne received the Bridge Builder award in June of 2015 from the North Georgia Technical College. This award recognized Osborne's partnership with NGTC and it's committment to work tirelessly to connect education and professional skills to the work environment. Osborne Wood Products' CEO Leon Osborne is the first ever recipient of this award.

Osborne was also recognized by the Boy Scouts of America, receiving the Eagle Club Member Award. This award was received in June of 2015 in recognition of Osborne Wood Products' support of the organization. The company was also awarded Wood 100's Stategy for Success in Customer Service. The company has been a recipient of this recognition each year since 2013.

Pedestal Kit Expansion - 2016

In 2016 Osborne Wood Products expanded its Pedestal Kit line, offering more quality hand crafted table base options than ever before. Partnering with Amish vendors, Osborne is proud of the top quality available throughout this product line. Pedestal kit options are now available for Mission, Craftsman, Transitional, Traditional, and Eclectic Designs.

Honors & Awards - 2016

Osborne was recognized in 2016 with two local prestigious awards. Osborne was named 'Manufacturer of the Year' as well as 'Educational Partner of the Year' in Stephens County. The company is very proud of these accomplishments, striving to create a culture of caring in the workplace that also works to serve the community as an educational partner. Osborne also was the recipient of Wood 100 Highest Growth Companies award in 2016.