How to Use Osborne Components in a Kitchen Build

Renovating a kitchen is a huge undertaking - there are so many elements and details that go into creating the final look. The good thing is Osborne has everything you need! Our vast inventory of wooden components can be combined in limitless ways to create the perfect kitchen design. Combine mouldings to create unique moulding stacks, incorporate corbels throughout the room for stunning dimension and utilize complementary patterns to create a beautiful cohesive theme.

Take a look at this completed kitchen design:

20210420 Kitchen 02 FB1

Did you know that there are seven Osborne products used in various applications throughout this kitchen? We are going to explain how each of these products can be used in a kitchen design and give you an in-depth look of where each piece is placed in this build.

1. Acanthus Leaf Crown Moulding (Part #7451.96)

This decorative moulding can be seen in many places throughout this kitchen design, from the utmost ceiling areas to the range hood. It is combined with other mouldings to create a unique moulding stack that appears to be one decorative piece. However, this moulding can easily make a statement on its own. The carved detailing features an acanthus leaf pattern that is clearly evident with the white paint finish in this build.

2. Carved Crown Moulding (Part #88991182)

This moulding is simple but adds necessary dimension and is a great choice for moulding stacks. It is a highly versatile design that can be used in anything from traditional to modern spaces.

3. Rope Panel Moulding (Part #891679)
This pattern is simple yet stunning and a satisfying design for almost any application. In this build, you can find the Rope Panel Moulding as part of the moulding stacks in the ceiling and as a decorative detail along the cabinetry and kitchen island. This was used to create stylish edges and shapes throughout the kitchen.
4. Picture Frame Moulding (Part #891303) Another simple design that will incorporate additional texture to your space is our Picture Frame Moulding. It pairs well with many other mouldings and is a small size allowing it to be used almost anywhere. In this build, you can see it as part of the moulding stacks that accentuate the ceiling and as a decorative edge along the cabinetry and kitchen island.
5. Carved Acanthus Leaf Moulding (Part #8991035)
A gorgeous hand carved design, the Carved Acanthus Leaf Moulding helped to complete the overall theme in this kitchen when added to the bottom of the kitchen island. It provide extra acanthus leaf detail that complements the carvings on the corbels and other mouldings.
6. Petite Acanthus Leaf Corbel (Part #892020)
This small corbel makes a big impact in this kitchen as it helps to tie everything together while providing a necessary separation. It is placed in the center of the range hood and provides an additional focus on the acanthus leaf motif used throughout the design.
7. Ancona Corbel with Acanthus Leaves (Part #8225)

These are used as statement pieces within this kitchen, with the acanthus leaf carvings being clearly visible by any guest. The large corbels elevate the look of the range hood in this design. They are visually stunning by themselves but when paired with the acanthus leaf mouldings, they become part of an elegant masterpiece.

It is obvious that this build was well thought-out and the result is stunning! Some of the components used were simple and others were highly ornate, but when combined they created a unique work of art! Use similar methods and complementary products to create your own dream kitchen just like this one!

This is just one representation of the many possible applications for our products. All of our wooden components are available in several wood species, depending on your preference. They are also sanded to 150 grit and left unfinished so that you can be paint or stain them to perfectly match your design. Regardless of your vision, it is achievable with our large inventory and unlimited customization possibilities!

If you can't find what you need in our catalog, we also offer custom components. Request a free custom quote today!

Did you find all of the parts? In the below image, we have identified each element and how it was intelligently incorporated into this build.

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