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Islander Ensemble

Kitchen Island Posts - 40 1/2" Posts


Kitchen Island Posts - 35 1/2" - 36" Posts


Kitchen Island Posts - 34 1/2" Posts


Table Legs


About the Islander Ensemble

The Islander Island Post is not only one of our favorites, but one of our most popular designs! Rightly so. The Islander profile features such simplistic beauty that it adds a touch of elegance to any space. The turnings are incredibly simple, featuring only a few detailed rings seperated by a slight taper. The posts also feature the unique top and bottom block, which makes this profile incredibly versatile. The top block can be used to attach the island post to a base or "apron." Meanwhile, the bottom block adds extra support (making this an ideal selection when supporting granite), as well as giving the post more functionality. The bottom block can also be used to incorporate a bottom shelf or rail design.


The Islander Post as a whole can play a huge role in the kitchen. But so can the half! With our rectangular split service, this island post can arrive to you ready to apply to your kitchen cabinetry. This is helpful for creating a full cohesive look throughout the entire design. It also allows for the appearance of custom furniture at a fraction of the cost! The half posts can be used on pull outs for spice racks, appliques, and even on vanities.


The Islander silhouette is available on a very wide variety of sizes. This includes island posts ranging from 34 1/2 inches in height to 40 1/2 inches tall. This allows you to incorporate the islander style in free standing islands, bar tops, counter tops, pub tables, and everything in between. Osborn even offers the Islander in a dining table height! This allows you to incorporate this design into your dining space, or into a smaller custom design.