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Laminate Wood Products

Are Your Products Made From Solid Squares?

While we try to purchase solid squares whenever possible, we have found that it is often difficult to get various sizes and woodtypes in solids. It is often difficult for us to get solids thicker than 2 3/4" in most materials. Materials such as Walnut, Red Birch, and Alder are not available in solids thicker than 1 3/4".


For this reason, Osborne offers what is known as a laminate or glued-up turning. Laminates are made of solid wood pieces glued together in order to achieve the desired thickness of the leg, foot, corbel, etc. Most product categories including: turned posts, square legs, square blanks, corbels, furniture feet, and components can be laminate products.


Will My Glued-Up Products Be Weaker Than Solid Ones?

No. In fact, glued-up or laminated products actually tend to be stronger and more durable than their solid counterparts. The various pieces allow for support, as well as prevent weakness in the piece. So whether you are purchasing furniture feet, table legs, island posts, or corbels you can be sure of the strength of your components.


What Do Glued-Up Components Look Like?

Soft Maple Red Oak Alder Black Walnut

Will I Be Able to See The Glue Lines?

While solids are often preferred because of aesthetics, it is often feared that laminated squares will not turn beautiful components. This is not the case. Keeping in mind that the distinction between 'boards' included in your glued-up components will vary depending on wood species and characteristics, many woodtypes offered appear just as beautiful as a solid.

Do You Offer Solid Wood Turning Blanks?

At Osborne we supply the woodworking trade as well as hobbyists with high quality wood turning blanks and dimensional stock. As with turnings, we are not always able to purchase larger size blanks in solids. If you are specifically looking for a solid blank, please contact us to ensure we have solids available.

Can I Specifically Request Solids?

Yes. If your project requires a solid, or if you would simply like to check availability of solids available please contact our Customer Service Team at 1-800-849-8876, by email, or by clicking the Chat Live Button above. If we have solids in stock you can specifically request these for only $5.00 per item!