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Light Rail Moulding

About Cabinet Light Rail Molding

Everyone appreciates the countertop illumination afforded by under-cabinet lighting, but no one wants to actually see the light sources. The best way to camouflage under-cabinet light fixtures is with light-rail molding that is applied to the lower front edge of your upper cabinets. If selected carefully, light-rail molding can not only serve to deflect attention from electrical fixtures but can be a beautiful design detail in its own right.

Osborne offers light-rail molding in two distinctive styles. We offer a smaller scale and larger scale molding that comes with a carved Greek Key design across the face of the molding. Our other style is the traditional egg and dart pattern - and it is offered in three sizes.

The Greek Key pattern - also known as the fret pattern -- is a very classical choice. There are two traditional presentations of Greek Key pattern. One is called the "reverse face" pattern and the other is the "continuous scroll." Osborne's Greek Key is in the continuous scroll, which is the more rhythmic of the two. The continuous scroll Greek Key pattern is also easier to begin and end when installing as the repeat is smaller than on the reverse facing design. Generally speaking, the design itself is simple and geometric and it fits in nicely in most applications by introducing a very quiet design to cabinet work.

Conversely, the egg and dart pattern makes a decidedly elegant statement. Although it is just as traditional as the Greek Key pattern, the egg and dart design is generally used successfully in settings where the design goal is a highly stylized appearance. The repetition of the egg and dart pattern also creates a flowing rhythm when it is used along the leading edges of a cabinet or shelf.