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Maple Legs

Maple legs bring to mind the idea of light color.  While this may be true it is important to note that we offer two types of maple: hard maple and soft maple.  Our hard maple is the wood that can take a clear coat finish and culminate with the light, low-grain result that people tend to associate with maple.  Our soft maple is more often used for paint grain projects.  The hard maple will also accept stain and finish where a light appearance is not desired. 

Certain styles tend to be traditionally associated with light maple finishes and this is particularly useful when recreating a mid-century look for a room.  It is also an interesting current trend to present an ornate style that is typically seen in darker finishes as a lighter and clear piece. 

One traditionally sees tapered legs or less embellishment designs on maple legs with clear finishes.  An interesting effect may be obtained, however, when selecting a more ornate design and having it produced in our hard maple wood – an idea that is particularly effective when selecting coffee table legs

There are traditions where light finishing is associated with turned wood.  Heavily legged farm tables from Ireland, for example, are often seen in lighter coloration due to the frequent and heavy scrubbing these received.  Heavily turned maple legs would be a natural choice for these.  As mentioned, our hard maple wood may be stained, so an equally good effect could be achieved by choosing maple legs for country French dining table legs.  Bedsteads that include maple legs are also attractive in bedrooms where a less formal feeling is desired.  Maple legs may be used for creating accompanying bedside tables, chest or chairs in this setting.  Taller legs, such as our 34 1/2"-35” island legs may also be used to create a traditionally designed mantelpiece with a cleaner, contemporary appearance.

It is also interesting to see seating that is created using maple legs.  A dining bench made using maple legs and finished with a clear coat will provide an exciting contrast when placed next to a table that sports a darker finish.  This same use of contrast can be effective in a room with darker floors where the shapes of pieces with maples legs are more clearly defined by the contrast between the two finishes.

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